Another Successful Curriculum Enrichment Week

Curriculum Enrichment Week

This week saw students participating in a variety of activities for our Curriculum Enrichment Week.  It was a delight to see so many students take part is such a wide variety of activities, some of which you raead about below.


Year 7

As part of curriculum enrichment week Year 7s have been completing some team building activities. This involved, amongst other things, being handcuffed together, building an egg throwing machine and climbing through a spiders web. Students learnt how to communicate with each other verbally and through silent activities. They discussed how to solve problems as a team and had good fun whilst doing it. Mr Jones, Miss Nash and Mr Godfrey along with instructors from Backwater Adventures guided them through the tasks. Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and the enthusiasm they showed.


Year 8

 Engineers of the Future!

25.11.16 Faraday Challenge

On Monday,  36 Year 8 students were selected to take part in the IET Faraday Challenge. Faraday Challenge Days are one day STEM activities delivered in 68 schools across the UK by the IET. The IET Faraday Challenge Days give students the opportunity to research, design and make prototype solutions to genuinely tough engineering problems.  Teams had to race against the clock to solve a real-life engineering problem based on those actually faced by the Land Rover BAR team during training as part of the IET’s partnership with the 1851 Trust and STEM Crew.   Students had to programme a micro bit and design 2 prototype models to help support the Rover BAR team in their mission to win the America Cup. Teams were able to choose from 3 categories; human performance, boat performance and the environment. Ideas ranged from temperature controlled jackets through to controlled paneling on windows for comfortable working out conditions. The competition was tough with some outstanding work from all competitors.

The winning team scored a fantastic 86 /100 marks with their prototype temperature controlled jacket and an alarm system for stabilising the boat and became the proud owners of the coveted Faraday Challenge trophy and took away individual Amazon vouchers as a prize.  The top 5 teams from across the UK get a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the National Final to compete for a cash prize of up to £1,000 for their school. Fingers crossed that our winners get the opportunity to show their engineering prowess

This score will now be entered onto the website:   http://


Year 9

Soap making

25.11.16 SRM Soap25.11.16 Y9 Soap Making 3

This week’s enriched learning days showed Year 9 students how science and business work together. Students distilled their own essential oils from citrus fruits and then made coloured and scented soaps which were designed to appeal to their chosen market segment. As well as making some incredibly professional soaps, the students also drew up detailed marketing plans, designed printed-media adverts and filmed video adverts. The final products were judged in a style which was Bake Off meets Dragon’s Den with the overall winner being crowned Lord of the Soaps!  I was very proud to have made my own lemon scented orange Christmas tree soaps!


Holocaust Day

The idea of the day was to emphasise the values of tolerance, respect and empathy, using the Holocaust and Genocide of the Jews by the Nazis, during World War Two, to support this. Students participated in research about the Jewish faith, anti-Semitism and racism. They explored how propaganda influences the views of people, and how different groups within a society can become the target of others, so that their lives and those of their families are destroyed. The students then considered the ways that the Holocaust could be remembered, and designed and created their own ideas for this, including pictures, posters and poems. Some examples created by our students are below:


Remembering the Holocaust.

Remember the day you went to the beach, or went shopping…..they don’t.
Remember the day you sat with the family, or read a book…they don’t.
You who remember are lucky enough, but should show respect.
Those who died didn’t have a choice, they wanted to be free.
We remember with a tree, in Hungary.
To show no-one who died was the same, different stone slabs, all orderly, are in Berlin.
As they arrived they held out their hands for help. None helped, only whispered ‘say you have a trade’.
Pungent smells wafted towards compounds, of burnt flesh.
Starvation, disease, despair. I anyone going to come and help?
People lie lifelessly on the cold, hard unforgiving floor.
Parisian street lined with quotes to help remember, as they feel guilty,
Six million dead because of one person..people may forgive but never forget.

Hanah Brown


The man walks through and around the stones,
The grey blocks that are of different sizes to make him remember,
His walking stick reminds him,
The cold air reminds him,
The death,
A lone dove swoops overhead,
Slowly he looks up,
He looks at his arm.
The numbers remind him.
He still has that scar,
The pain comes back.
It cracks through him like a bullet.
The sound of the memorial cannon rips through him.
The cold air.
The birds fly away.
The man turns,
He walks out of the endless maze of grey slabs.
1937-1945 6 million lost, all for nothing.
Joe Hedworth


Exeter University

25.11.16 CEW Exeter Uni

The students were taken to Exeter University during curriculum enrichment week to show them the amazing facilities and opportunities available beyond Sixth Form. The day began with a comparison of school and university study. The students commented on the impressive range of degree subjects available and the amount of self study required at university. We were introduced to student ambassadors who spoke to the students about life at university and the endless selection of clubs and societies. The club that caused the biggest level of interest was the chocolate society!

After this session we were given a tour of the campus and the sporting facilities. The gym took everyone’s breath away in more ways than one. Having seen the gym many students were already planning to apply to study at Exeter.   It was a very impressive day and made many of the students think about university education realising that hard work can take you to some truly amazing places.   The image shows the students planning a day in the life of a University student, fitting in lectures, seminars, sports and private study was certainly a challenge.

Year 10

Automotive Students

Monday of Curriculum Enrichment Week saw all of the Year 10 automotive students embark on a day as a mariner at Noss Marina.  During the day they learnt and used map plotting skills to locate hidden pirate treasure, plotting of co-ordinates to mark plywood ready for hull building and following wiring diagrams and physically wiring up bilge pump motors.  Despite the atrocious weather they even got to have a go at vessel testing a power boat up the river Dart.    The aim of the day was to expose the students to a range of careers that have an automotive link and provide great career paths with exciting employment opportunities both in the bay and at every other coastal location throughout the world.  Although many children got wet, luckily all of the water came from the skies rather than overboard!   Fun was had by all and they all used mathematical skills to enjoy and succeed.


Army Challenge

25.11.16 Army 325.11.16 Army2

25.11.16 Army1

On Tuesday of Curriculum Enrichment Week, we were fortunate to be joined by 14 members of the Army who were invited in to deliver a Team Challenge Day to all our Year 10 students.  The year were divided into 3 groups and spent the day taking part in a number of challenges including human blindfolded sheep herding, leading blindfolded teams around a minefield and tyre stacking. The students also had an Army careers talk and a chance to have a go on the climbing wall.  It was amazing to see some natural leaders emerge and students overcome their fear of heights on the climbing wall.

Thank you to the Army for giving us a day of their time to enrich our students lives, and thank you also to all the Year 10 students who took part.


Sixth Form

25.11.16 Dublin 125.11.16 Dublin 2

25.11.16 Dublin 3

For what is now an annual tradition, our Sixth Form music students travelled overseas for CEW. Last year to Amsterdam this year to Ireland! Y12 & Y13 music students have had the most amazing 3 days away in Dublin, completely immersing themselves in the musical culture of the city and all it has to offer. Within 2 hours of landing in Dublin the students were at their first gig; Jess Glynne supported by Retch 32 at 3 Arena no less. A massive gig which the students danced non stop through for 3 hours!

The next day brought a complete contrast to the night before and after visiting local landmark, The Guinness Storehouse, the music Sixth Form family made their way to the iconic Temple Bar area of the city for what one student described as a ‘feast’ of Irish music! The venue was intimate with a small stage which the local musicians performed on. As you would expect, in true Irish style everyone danced the night away to the upbeat, melodic songs. Y12 student Elle – Mae Rodger said ‘I was just blown away by the atmosphere! This is what it is all about. You couldn’t that just from listening to it on YouTube.’

Miss Pappin said ‘the students were simply brilliant and an absolute delight to take away. Everyone of them has taken so much away from this experience. And the question on everyone’s lips is, where will next year’s trip take us…?!’


Sports Round Up

Year 9s South Devon Futsal Champions

25.11.16 Y9 Futsal

Torquay Academy became the Year 9 South Devon Futsal Champions on Wednesday in a tournament hosted by Paignton Sports Academy.  We won 3 out of 3 in the group stages with our biggest win being 10-1 against Teign. Christian Rodriguez came on as a sub and scored 5 goals! They played a quarter final against Paignton 2nd team which we won on penalties. The semi-finals were played against Cuthbert Mayne which we won by a convincing 6-1 score line. In the final we played Paignton’s first team, becoming champions with a 2-1 win.  Well done to the squad who now go on to represent South Devon in the Devon finals:

Jack Cumston
Christian Rodriguez
Bartosz Demkowski
Harvey Lee
Lennon Berryman
Jamie Watson
Dan Rivers
Spencer Davies


Fake Facebook Account

We have been asked by the police to advise the following information :

About 100 young girls have been targeted by someone using a fake Facebook account asking them to send indecent images.   Devon and Cornwall Police said the account was set up under the pseudonym of a secondary school pupil.  They said the person behind the account was befriending mostly teenage girls in the South Hams area of Devon and asking them to send “sexy images”.
Police believe the person has been targeting teenagers since July.   Police have said when the girls tried to block the account, the person threatened to post the images publically. The Facebook account has been targeting pupils from Dartmouth College, South Devon High School, King Edward VI Community College and Kingsbridge Community College.  Officers are urging pupils not to accept friend requests from people they do not know.

If you have any information please ring 101 or email