Winning Streak, Torquay United and Christmas Cheer!!

Christmas Concert

Blog 18.12.15 Christmas Concert

On Wednesday 16th December we held our annual Christmas Concert.  The hall was packed to capacity as Trustees, Governors and parents enjoyed the festive evening.  Many thanks to Miss Pappin, the Performing Arts  team and the students for all their hard work in putting on this great show.

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Carols on Tour

Blog 18.12.15 Carols on Tour

Miss Pappin took students  to sing to residents in various care homes during Thursday and Friday of this week for our annual Carols on Tour.   The residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed these visits which brought Christmas cheer to all.


Parent Governor Result

As you are aware, we recently held Parent Governor elections with Kirsty Porter and Cristinel Banica putting themselves forward.  I declare that in the election held by secret ballot on 14th December 2015, Kirsty Porter has been duly elected to serve as Parent Governor on the Governing Body of this school.


New Training Ground for Torquay United and Academy Link-Up

I am excited that Torquay United will be using our grass pitch as their new training ground.  As part of the agreement we will be playing our 6th form games at Plainmoor.  Read the full story by clicking on the following link:


Gold Medals for Year 11 Student

Blog 18.12.15 E Leech Gold Medal

Year 11 student Elyse Leech  has won the South West Indoor Championships in Cardiff for the 200m and 300m.   Elyse had only raced the 300m 3 times before and this was the 1st time indoors.  Her times were also good!   We are no doubt  in for a great season ahead.  Many congratulations and well done Elyse !!!

 Exeter College Art Winner

Blog 14.12.15 Louis Ruegg portrait

6th Form Student Louis Ruegg has won the competition held by Exeter College who  run an annual programme of exhibitions to include a ‘Schools Art Competition’. His winning picture was a collage portrait drawing.

This has been a successful collaborative project with several schools involved.   The aim of this collaboration has been to inspire and engage art students at school to aspire to the visual arts as a possible progression choice to help bridge the gap between School and College and to reward the fantastic creative talents we have in our local schools.  Congratulations to Louis for this great achievement.


100% Attendance

Blog 18.12.15 100% attendance 2014-15

I was delighted to hand out 100% attendance badges to students who had achieved this for the academic Year 2014-15 and the students were very pleased to receive them .   Well done to all.



Blog 18.12.15 Lexia Cody and Gracie

Every term the students working on Lexia earn raffle tickets for reaching their weekly targets, students work very hard in an attempt to earn as many raffle tickets as possible. This week Ms Rowan and Mrs Gardner drew the names of the two lucky winners, both students have worked very hard all term and were delighted to have had their names drawn.  Pictured with their prizes are the winners Cody Kniveton (Year 8) and Gracie Bradbury (Year 7).



Blog 18.12.15 PSHE 2

On Monday 7th December we had the second of our PSHE days organised by Miss Martin this year. The main focus of this day was finance and living in the wider world. Once again we had a range of visitors in to support us. Solomon Theatre Company performed for our lower school to explore the issues surrounding underage drinking and alcohol use and these being factors that link anti-social behaviour, teenage pregnancy, STIs and also the illegal purchase of age restricted products. The Army worked with the year 8 students to look at the importance of group work and this year group also started looking at the range of academic options available to them and jobs that they could potentially do. Proud2be looked at issues surrounding difference, diversity and discrimination with the lower school and Virtually s@fe supported us with sessions on the dangers of social media.
The upper school had a range of sessions including those run by The Royal Bank of Scotland on the role of banks and banking, the Fire Service looked at the hazards of lack of care and attention when driving. Students also studied a range of other sessions including types of work, being paid, addiction and gambling. One year 10 student said that their favourite session was the ‘RBS presentation because it actually gave us knowledge on what goes on in banks and how banks can make your life easier’, while another preferred ‘the one about sexual health because it’s important to know about that stuff and I learnt most from it’

Young Carers

Blog 18.12.15 Young Carers 1Blog 18.12.15 Young Carers 2

Lisa Bishop from Young Carers Torbay comes in every Thursday lunchtime to support our young carers in school, students who help care for family members. There is a lunch club that they go to where they get support and can let off some steam and be with others in the same situation. For their Christmas party our staff kindly donated over 90 presents for them. They had a lovely time with food, music and activities. This is important time for them where they have no worries or responsibilities and can just have fun.They were overwhelmed by the presents and had a wonderful time.


Dance Leader Christmas Dance Festival

Blog 18.12.15 Dance Leaders 1

Last Friday, our Year 11 Dance leader girls hosted 60 pupils from Shiphay and Torre Primaries at a Christmas themed dance festival. They planned everything themselves from beginning to end, including activities, certificates and outfits. All girls were fully involved, and as usual were absolutely fantastic with the Year 2 pupils, who played a range of dance related games, before putting together a performance to “Merry Christmas Everyone “. A lovely way to finish the term and their Dance leadership course. Well Done girls !!!!


Students of the Week

Blog 18.12.15 Students of the week

Students pictures this week with Mrs Powell and Mr Withers are: Ben Dowen, Samantha Turner, Martha Farkins, Jake Peters, Tiffany Doran (not in order)


The Sixth Form PSHE Day – Mindfulness, Citizenship and Radicalization

Our tutors introduced the overall theme of the day which was developing our mindset and awareness of the current cultural differences in our society and of the radical and moderate opinions of Muslims both in this country and worldwide.

The next activity saw a session on mind-fullness led by Lynne Roberts, who is a physiotherapist and mind-fullness teacher working in Torbay Hospital. The session started with a short presentation on mindsets, followed by a discussion of various factors of stress, before going into a practise of mind-fullness named “.b” which involves calming yourself by focusing in on your body and the present moment and not being distracted by thoughts of the past or future.    We then discussed the concept of “The Traffic of Our Brains”, comparing our thought actions to that of a busy motorway or an isolated lane allowing us to reflect on our brain activity and the effect it has on our day- to – day lives.  As well as this, we compared our mindset to an animal; contemplating whether we had that of a elephant, rash and headstrong, or that of a monkey; never focusing on the same thought for a lengthy amount of time before moving to the next.  We rounded the session off with a final practise of mind-fullness, leaving with a calm, positive attitude.

Having left the session feeling more open minded, we then watched a “Stacey Dooley Investigates…” programme in which the journalist explores the practice of Islam in her own hometown, seeking opinions from a great variety of people, from “moderate” Muslims to those with a more active attitude towards the teachings, to those with a very set view on exactly how citizens of Great Britain should behave and be governed.
The documentary was eye opening and, for the majority of us, fairly shocking, as there were many aspects of the religion that we had never been enlightened to or considered. On top of this, the severity of the right wing groups who opposed the Islamic religion was a real insight into the conflicts of interests and the difficulty of two merging cultures.

To finish off the day, some of the students had a discussion about the current situation in Syria with Major Arthur Norman- Walker whilst others chose to extend their knowledge of mind-fullness or investigate any of the topics further. We chose to review the day as roving reporters.  Major Arthur Norman Walker- Serving Army officer currently working in Careers for the Army, Served for 30 years in the service.

It was very informative to help back up the small glimpses that students get from the media about events in the Middle East. After today our students should have a more in depth awareness and opinion of the conflict against the radicalism of the Islamic state.   Also we learnt about the values of our society as a democracy, in our civilization we are lucky to be so protected against physical and emotional damage. Also he explained how we can say and do in freedom is so different compared to less fortunate countries.


 Rowcroft Coffee Morning

blog 18.12.15 Coffee 1blog 18.12.15 Coffee 2

blog 18.12.15 Coffee 3

Another successful coffee morning where the students worked so indefatigably  to ensure that all the wonderful tasty cakes and cookies were consumed and a  special thank you to the students and staff that created tasty treats for all. The money that was raised has been donated to Rowcroft and Cancer Research.  Thank you all at TA.


Visit to Mayfield

Blog 18.12.15 Mayfield 1

This week Health and Social students in Year 10 were very privileged to have a tour of Mayfield school in Torquay to observe the ways that students with disabilities are educated and supported to reach their potential in their emotional, social and intellectual development. We had a fabulous time as we were invited to join in with their weekly Friday disco and had great fun dancing to some Christmas songs and making new friends. Thank you to all at Mayfield for having us.

Santa Gratton !!

blog 18.12.15 OG 1

As as part of the non uniform day Mr Gratton had to wear a Santa suit, this was as a reward to a Student (Beth) for her A in Maths GCSE in the summer…..ho ho ho !!

On cuisine!

Blog 18.12.15  French Cooking 1

After having been studying Food and Drink this learning cycle, our Y9 French GCSE class experienced a bit of French cooking today and learnt how to make “pains au chocolat” and “croque-monsieur” as well as loads of useful cooking terms (in French!) with Mrs Thomas.  A fun and cultural lesson to end the term which the students thoroughly enjoyed.  Bon appétit!


 Year 4 Visit – Shiphay Students


We had a visit from Shiphay Year 4 pupils recently and they spent an afternoon taking part in Literacy and Science activities. The children seemed very excited at the prospect of using one of our laboratories to conduct a number of exciting experiments. In the library they embarked on an information hunt and tried to discover answers to questions like how long it takes for a disposable nappy to decompose (500 years!). As always, it was a pleasure to see the children from Shiphay and we look forward to seeing them all again later in the year.