100 praise points, mufti day, mountain biking and more…

100 Praise Points

18.11.16 100 Praise Points

We are very proud of our students and the efforts the put into their learning; one of the ways they are rewarded is through the issuing of praise points by staff.  I was delighted to be able to meet with Kimberley Taylor and Jamie Watson this morning as they are the first students in the school to be awarded the Principal’s Bronze Certificate and Bronze Star badge for receiving 100 praise points.  This is the earliest in the year this has been awarded.  Mr Chadwick, who oversees the awards, set them the challenge of being the first to get to 150 and the silver award!  Well done to you both.


Mufti Day

18.11.16 Foodbank 1

On Wednesday, Sixth Form students arranged for a Mufti Day to take place to support The Torquay Community Larder.  This took the form of participating staff and students wearing their own clothes,  and in exchange bringing in non perishable food items for the Torquay Community Larder.  This is a service that provides long term welfare support solutions to some of the most vulnerable individuals and families experiencing food poverty in Torquay.  As you can see there was a considerable amount of food brought into school to support this cause.

The Torquay Community Larder is located at Torquay Salvation Army, 29 Market Street, Torquay.  The current opening hours are Monday and Friday from 10.00am until 2.00pm.


Students engineering their own futures at TechBay 2016

Fifteen students from Year 8 visited the English Riviera Centre last week for TechBay 2016 – a hands-on showcase of the many science, technology and engineering companies based in Torbay. Students consistently proved themselves to be courteous and inquisitive – frequently asking specific STEM related questions to those exhibiting. Students had a real awareness of potential careers and were asking about the pathways they could take to reach their dream jobs. As you can see from the photos, great fun was had by all who attended!  A further highlight was that on the way home when the time was approaching 11am, students took it upon themselves to follow a two minute silence – incredible! …and a real asset to TA!


Mountain Biking

18.11.16 Mountain Biking

A quick trip up to Haldon after school saw the team ready to ride before 16:00. We had 2 excellent mountain biking sessions. Then we had a group who had learnt how to stop on loose surfaces and improved their skills on the skills track. We were able to go out and ride round a track without incident. Ok the gorse did get the odd victim but it was great training for a ride out which will take place in the new year when the light comes back as we needed a head torch to achieve this picture at 17:00.  A fun activity with an able group of cyclists. Listen for the return of the club in March next year. Thanks to Mr Brett and Mr Miller for making this possible.


Sports Roundup


TA striker in man of the match performance for Devon U16s

18.11.16 Pic from SRM

Two goal hero Joe Constantinou was voted man of the match as Devon beat their Gloucester counterparts 3 – 1 in their South and West Counties Championship match. This was their second win after success against Dorset in the first game of the season.  Well done, Joe, we are all very proud of your achievements.


Year 7 Rugby

18.11.16 yer 7 Rugby
Last Friday our Year 7 Rugby team came home as plate winners!.  We lost our first pool game to Spires 10-5 followed by a draw with Teignmouth 5-5 and finally lost to South Dartmoor 15-0.   We then went through to the 4th place league (Plate competition) and won against Churston Grammar 25-15 and  went on to win against Coombeshead 15-5.

Special mentions for the following pupils. Ben Aldous played his first game and he was outstanding scoring two tries and making some try saving tackles for the team as well and was Man of the Match. Other stand out players were Sean Andrews, Oliver Stoneman who both assisted with try scoring passes and finally Kyle Bullen as he has shown some significant improvement.  All players were fantastically well behaved and even took it upon themselves to hold a minutes silence on the bus.


Year 8 Rugby

18.11.16 Year 8 Rugby

TA Year 8 rugby team returned to their winning ways against a good Paignton Sports Academy team. Sam Carrol made a big impact in only his second ever rugby game and is one to watch for the future after scoring a try. Matty Leighton used his pace to great effect, running in 2 brilliant first half tries. Jude Boyle swapped his usual front row position to outside centre after an injury and demonstrated a different side to his game with great speed and good handling. There were plenty of positives we will take from this win as well as areas for improvement. Next week we have a break from the schedule with curriculum enrichment week followed by a fixture against Stover on the 28th November.


Charity Football Match

Year 9 student Ryan Dewey,  organised a football match here at the weekend with the assistance of Josh Phillips.  The teams also acknowledged  silence for Remembrance Day.  We had about 18 Year 9 students turn up to watch with parents, complete with a dad of two students  refereeing in a Santa outfit.  Drinks and cakes were sold in order to raise money for charity. It was a great couple of hours, and team ‘Harris’ won 6-3 in the end, after a closely contested match.   A total of £103.62 was raised  for Rowcroft,   Well done Ryan for organising this match for a very worthwhile charity.


Students of the Week

18.11.16 SOTW

Students of the week this week with me and Mrs Powell are :  Callum Paton, Scott Rhodes, Beth Knutton, Roisin Payne, Jess Mitchell


Vodafone Digital Magazine

Vodafone produce a magazine for parents packed with information about how to keep your children safe when using social media. There are also updates on useful apps. This quarter’s magazine has information on selfies/sexting and gaming.  It is a very easy read.
Parents can go to www.vodafone.com/digitalparenting to read online or download it. It is also on the Academy’s website.

Year 7 and Year 8 will be bringing a copy of the magazine home week commencing Monday 28th November 2016.



18.11.16 selfiecop

Selfiecop is a new app that protects children & teens from the dangers of sexting & selfies.  SelfieCop works by emailing parents a copy of every photo or video taken on their child’s smartphone or tablet. This includes photos & videos captured by popular social networking apps, such as:
– SnapChat
– WhatsApp
– Instagram
– Facebook
– Twitter

SelfieCop deters unsafe behaviour by making children STOP & THINK… “Do I really want my Mum & Dad to see me like this?!”

SelfieCop is available for all Google Android smartphones & tablets, including Samsung, HTC, Sony & Nexus.

How SelfieCop works

Step 1: Download & install SelfieCop onto your child’s phone or tablet.
Step 2: Enter an email address to which copies of images will be sent.
Step 3: Lock the app with a password (so the child cannot disable it).
That’s it! From now on, you (the parent) will be emailed a copy of photo or video taken on your child’s smartphone or tablet.

One last thing – you must always tell your child that SelfieCop is installed. The aim is not to spy on them, but to teach them to stay safe.

SelfieCop can only deter unsafe behaviour if children know it is installed. SelfieCop is not SpyWare.

Why an App like SelfieCop is needed

80% of teens own a smartphone and 90% of their use is completely uncontrolled. [Ref: Andrews. ISLT / Cotter & McGilloway, 2011]

The problem is that teens are impulsive & do not always understand the effect of their actions. This has created a “a perfect storm of technology & hormones”. [Lori Andrews, Institute for Science, Law and Technology Chicago.]

For example, 60% of teens have been asked to send sexual images of themselves. [NSPCC, 2013]

Sexting is destroying reputations, lives & futures.  Sexting is having devastating consequences. Many teenagers are suffering terribly from ill-advised images that suddenly go viral.  Cyberbullying arising from sexting & ‘slutshaming’ is linked to severe emotional distress. [Cotter, McGilloway, 2011].

Sexting has increased the risk of suicide ideation amongst teens with some children taking their own lives. [Kim/Leventhal 2008]

Sexting has also led to criminal charges among teens, for the distribution of child pornography.   SelfieCop Deters, Detects & Defuses unsafe behaviour.  Research shows that teens will change their behaviour if they know they are being observed. SelfieCop provides a robust, secure & easy-to-use way to monitor the photos & videos taken by children.

1. SelfieCop Deters unsafe behaviour.  It forces teens to Stop-&-Think “Do I really want Mum to see this?”
2. SelfieCop Detects unsafe images.  It gives parents a visual early warning system for unsafe behaviour.
3. SelfieCop Defuses potential crises.  It gives parents time to act to prevent any damage before it begins.

The privacy & security of users is our TOP concern.

The privacy of children is our number one concern. Nothing is more important to us. That is why we made this app!

Our Privacy & Data Protection policies are among the strictest of any app and we have made special effort to make them easy to understand.  In short, everything in SelfieCop is encrypted, and all images are deleted immediately after processing.  No-one at SelfieCop ever sees anything. Only parents and their children ever see images. See more at www.selfiecop.com/privacy

This has been trialled by some members of staff and their children. They only have good things to say about it.

The downside is that it can’t be used with an iphone.