We are looking forward to seeing you all in September

We can’t wait to see you again in September


In addition to our final few keeping touching base mornings, I have also been having assemblies with all of the students attending the variety of provisions that we have in place this week. As part of the assembly, I have shown them the video below which has all of the messages I wanted them to hear from me before the summer holidays. The key ones being: we have missed everybody incredibly, we can’t wait to see everybody back in September and that every student is in a great position to start their studies again in September.


End of term assembly


The All Day School gathered for an end of term assembly in the sun today.  There were many certificates handed out as everyone celebrated the incredible achievements of our students over the past term.

The Students of the school are:
Yr 7 Finley Herbert and Megan Sellick
Yr 8 Jack Alcock and Phoebe Lown
Yr 9 Lorenzo di Paoli and Liz Cameron

End of term BBQ


We celebrated the end of the year with a BBQ for all staff and students today.   It was a lovely way to end the term.


Year 7 student of the week


Congratulations to Tyler Hardy.


Science and skipping in All Day School

Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 22.24.30

This week Miss Cann led a couple of experiments with mentos and coke as well a pile of steaming brown stuff…  There was also an outbreak of mass skipping!


Lucy Foster Maths Award

17.07.20 Lucy Foster Award

Every year the Maths team give out the Lucy Foster Maths Award for the best performing Year 10 student. Normally this is based around the PPE exams at the end of the year. This year they have had to use the PPE results from February.

A big congratulations must go to Anthony Brooking who was the best performing student and awarded the trophy this week by the maths team, a great achievement.


George’s Amazing Solo Recital

During lockdown our 6th form music performance students have been working hard compiling their own solo recitals. They were tasked with putting together one continuous set of performances that lasts between 20 – 30mins. They had to record it in one continuous take, in front of an audience. Each student had to select their own material that had to provide variety and contrast. Our musicians have worked extremely hard during lockdown selecting and practicing towards their final recital performances that have been taking place at home this week. I wanted to share some highlights from George Swift’s fabulous performance. Well done George for all your hard work.


Year 12 Chemistry



Our A-level chemists have been studying a topic called ‘What’s in a Medicine?’ which is all about the production, reactions and analysis of aspirin.  Yesterday, as the culmination of the year 12 course, they made their way into the lab to produce some aspirin of their own.

Starting with a natural product called oil of wintergreen (Gaultheriae procunbers) they carried out a number of practical techniques including reflux, vacuum filtration, recrystallisation and thin-layer chromatography, to produce pure aspirin.  They further tested the aspirin to ensure its purity using melting point apparatus.

Although I have every confidence in the skills of our chemistry students, and am certain that their aspirin is 100% pure, I am not brave enough to try any of it myself!







Sophie Packer has had a busy week baking.  She also sent in this thank you image for the staff at the school.  Thank you, Katie!



A year of featured images

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Football awards

This year the football education programme saw a different approach to the end of season awards due to COVID. The season came to an abrupt early close with both the boys and girls teams in full flow. The boys’ squad were placed third in the league and were preparing for the knockout stages. The end of the season awards took place solely on social media due to the government restrictions. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees the sheer number of joint awards highlight the strength in depth of the squad. It has been a fantastic year both on and off the field, we await the announcement on Monday about when we can safely return to training, pre-season here we come!

Please see all award winners below: