Duke of Edinburgh, Athletics and table tennis…

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Practice Expedition – 11-12th June

Last weekend 15 Year 9  DofE Bronze students undertook their DofE Bronze practice expedition. In the beautiful June weather, the students, for the first time, carried full rucksacks, put into practice navigation skills and camped overnight after cooking their own meals.
The teams started in Ashprington and walked along the beautiful River Dart towards Totnes. Spirits were high when they set off, each group accompanied by a member of staff to further train them in navigation skills and map reading. All teams successfully made it to the river beach where they planned to stop for lunch – one team having taken a slight (apparently planned!) detour.
After a first aid brief and sufficiently fed and watered, the teams’ next leg of the journey would take them through Totnes to Great Court on the eastern edge of the town. Here they met Mr Brett and the minibus for a much-needed water refill. At this point, the teams were still in good spirits but were beginning to feel the effects of walking with heavy packs and the hot weather.

The next section would take the teams along footpaths and bridleways to the campsite near Stoke Gabriel. On this section, the teams were now navigating themselves, unaccompanied by staff. The teams successfully made it to camp with some degree of getting lost, but all managed to navigate themselves back on track.

At the campsite, instructed by Mr Whelan, the students put up their tents and made themselves a well-deserved hot meal, cooking on Trangia stoves for the first time. After a game of football (who knows where they got the energy from?!) and a hot chocolate, the students retired to their tents to sleep. Sleep was not an easy feat as they were on roll mats instead of their usual soft, comfy bed – and added to that, the campsite was hosting SharkFest, which had music and singing going on until the wee small hours!

The next morning after varying levels of sleep the students prepared a hot breakfast, took down tents and consulted their maps and route cards for the second day’s expedition. Following a discussion with Mr Adams on their route and being quizzed on what they would encounter on the route, the teams set off in half-hour intervals. Their route on Sunday would head towards Brixham via Galmpton and Greenway House.

Each team navigated successfully to the Galmpton Creek area – next was the maze of footpaths near to Greenway House. Despite being very tired, all the teams were confident in their navigation so far, but here things became more difficult, and with that tiredness, some navigation mistakes were made by two of the teams. Having made the decision to collect these two teams, when Mr Brett found them, they had just decided on the right footpath to take. So although their expedition was over, they ended on a positive note by making the correct decision on their  route

Meanwhile, the other two teams had managed to navigate successfully through the ‘Greenway maze’. The decision had been made to finish the expedition, but these two teams had made it past Maypool and were well on their way to the Hill Head road above Brixham when Mr Adams met them on the footpath to guide them to the minibus. The students were relieved to see him and hear that they would shortly be returning home to good food and a comfy bed!

Overall an excellent practice expedition. A huge thank you to the staff – Mr Adams, Mrs Lancaster, Miss Brzozowski, Mr Whelan, and Mr  Brett – for making it all possible for the students and ensuring they had an amazing experience. And most importantly congratulations and well done for undertaking and completing this  challenge to the following students: Bella Lester, Jasmine Evans, Sophie George, Aspen Keenan, Megan Sellick, Nina Hocking, Daisy Gibbings, Emily Graham, Elliott Lawton, Joe Hosking, Oly Jackson, Riley Batten, Oliver Boyce, Marcus Jenkins, Jake Pettit

Bring on the Qualifying Expedition in just over a week’s time!

IMG_0630 (1) IMG_0642 IMG_0667

IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0607


Year 7 Maths with Mr Shute


Mr Shute’s year 7s have been collecting like terms and expanding brackets in maths this week. 7Q5 have used the commutative property of addition as well as their knowledge of the order of operations, in order to simplify expressions. Students have been highlighting “like terms” in different colours to help make this easier.  The picture above show Indy Evans and Oscar Mills’ books demonstrating how to collect like terms.


7T9 have been using area models to expand brackets, as well as familiarising themselves with the identity symbol (an equals sign with an additional horizontal line). Above is a well-presented example of this from Ben Jeff’s book.



British Army Visit


This week we had an amazing visit by the British Army Engagement Team allowing the cadets to take part in Military activities.

The whole continent (RAF and Army) paraded after school.  Formed up in 3 ranks with a roll call be carried out.  The cadets were then split into 3 groups and led away by a serving member of the British Army to carry out the activity.

The front rank took on the first task, Elite Skills, an Outdoor, teamwork, problem solving, with a wide range of hands-on, confidence building activities.

Followed by the centre rank who engaged in STEM, a Dragons Den style activity, built a model and present pitch, creativity, communication and leadership skills.

The final session was a Careers Presentation which gave the students an understanding of the wide range of Careers available in the Armed Forces.

To finish up the cadets were issued their uniform, an occasion which they look forward to.  We now look forward to teaching the cadets to maintain and wear the uniform to a high standard.

We managed to get to the shooting range again and have some more cadets shoot some air rifles and hand pistols in a controlled environment.  Best shot was Cdt Weaver-Snarey who consistently hit the centre of the target.

Well done, everyone.

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PAA Oliver!


The students have been busy trying on their outfits in readiness for the performances, which are now in less than two weeks!  You will get a letter next week letting you know how to book your free tickets.


The Significance of Our House Names to Torbay


With the holidays fast approaching, many students and parents may be spending a little more time out and about in Torquay-perhaps visiting the seafront or one of our many tourist attractions. We may know the surrounding area really well but possibly might have over-looked the plaques (dotted around the bay) which commemorate our house figureheads.

As affiliates to a house, it could be interesting for students: current, past and future to search out the location associated with each house name and there follows a list of where each can be found:

Pengelly’s can be found at Kents’ Cavern in Wellswood.

Darwin’s plaque can be found at Hesketh Crescent at Meadfoot.

Christie’s plaque is at Barton Road in Torquay.

Brunel’s plaque is on the main drive of Vomero in Stitchill Road, Torquay.

Harrison’s memorial is on Roundham Head in Paignton.

Nearne’s plaque is at Lisburne Crescent Lower Erith Road , Torquay.

Kitson’s plaque is at Vaughn Parade, Torquay.

Fawcett’s plaque is at Torquay Museum.

Any student who, in September, brings a picture of themselves next to their relevant house plaque will receive a small prize.


Year 8 Science


Miss Cann’s Year 8 class have been working on their practical skills this cycle. They have tackled one several of these over the last few weeks demonstrating exceptional abilities. They have enjoyed making onion cell slides and viewing the cells under a microscope, looking at how amylase breaks down starch, and one of their favourites was the evaporation of seawater to see the salts left behind.  Students set up a water bath over a bunsen burner, and then gently heated a watch glass with sea water on. The water gently evaporated to leave behind the salts. They then conducted distillation of seawater, where the sea water was heated, the water vapour collected and cooled, causing it to condense, allowing the students to collect pure water.  I have been extremely proud of 8Q4 and how well they have listened to instructions, worked safely and also tidied up after experiments.

IMG_3406 IMG_3404



Year 7 Star Readers

image0 (2)
The following students have earnt their silver Star Reader certificate for tracking their reading for 8 weeks and completing two Accelerated Reader book quizzes: Amelia Lawton 7C, Kallie Stewart 7C, Lauren Tanton 7C, Barnaby George 7H and Leah McClements 7D.
Congratulations to Rebecca Quarshie 7F for achieving her gold Star Reader certificate for successfully tracking her reading for 16 weeks and completing 4 Accelerated Reader book quizzes.

team ta


Frankie Skelly Devon Schools Athletics

Frankie had an amazing performance on Saturday at the Devon Schools Athletics event. She came first in the Long Jump and received a gold medal with a new PB of 4.41m and came 3rd in the 100m, in a very tight final, with a PB of 13.72 seconds. Well done Frankie!


Year 8, 9 and 10 Rounders

On Monday afternoon students from Y8, 9 and 10 Rounders club took on St. Cuthbert Mayne. There was some fantastic Rounders played, with some brilliant hits and amazing catches! Both teams managed to win too! These students have come on leaps and bounds since starting the club at Easter, and it’s not too late to come along! Coaches players of the day were Maisy Green and Freya Davies. Well done to all those that took part!! 


South Devon Area Athletics

Frankie Skelly Devon Schools Athletics (1)

On Tuesday TA returned to Exeter Arena to compete in the South Devon Schools athletics competition. 

Students competed in extremely hot conditions with amazing determination and some great results over all years groups. For every event students were competing against 16 other schools. Well done to all involved!

Here are the results:

Frankie Skelly Devon Schools Athletics

Year 7’s

Francesca Skelly- 1st long jump, 1st 100m, 4th Relay

Callum Pile- 1st 100m heat, 4th 100m final

Ben Jolly- 2nd High Jump, 2nd 800m


Year 8’s

Keeley Little-Relay-  1st, 100 metres – 1st, Hurdles- 1st

Lana Northcott -Relay-1st, Discus -3rd

Dolce Zulhayir -Relay-1st, 200metres-3rd

Lydia Bevan-1500metres- 4th, High jump – 3rd

Brooke Tully -Triple jump – Results not in

Isabell Moxham Relay – 1st, 800 metres – 3rd

Charlie Porter- 800m, 6th place. 

Bastian Johns-100m,2nd in heats and 5th on final

Harrison Hogg-hurdles 2nd in heats. High jump 1.40m,3rd

Gregg Hinson-200m, 3rd In the heats and 5th in final

Austin White-1500m, 5th.

Josh Sanderman-400m, 1st In heats and 2nd In finals. Long jump 4.57metres

Charlie Porter, Bastian Johns, Gregg Hindom, Austin white-relay, 3rd in heats and 5th in final.


Year 9/10 intermediate team

Year 7,8,9 & 10 Athletics Finals

Ava Sams – 2nd 200m

Harry Clarke – 1st 200m 

Charlie Stevens – 2nd 100m


Table tennis update


Congratulations to Kacper Piwowar on winning two National medals – bronze in U13 boys singles and gold in U13 boys doubles with his team mate.


Kacper is now at Uunder 13 European Challenge in Montenegro.  Good luck with the weekend’s events.








Jakub Piwowar reached the knockout stage at the WTT Youth Contender Havirov event in the Czech Republic.  He went through in both the under 17s and under 15s. In the older age group, he was eventually beaten by Wang Tingyu of China, whilst  his excellent run in the under 15s came Shunto Iwaida of Japan.


Students of the Week


Year 7 – Oliver Welsh and Rebecca Quarshie


IMG_4722 (1)

Year 9 – Taylor Reynolds and Callum Yeates



Year 10 – Lily Anne Winterton and Will Green


House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Indy Evans

Christie – Lauren Tanton

Darwin – Brody O’Neil

Fawcett – Charlie Astbury

Harrison – Roxy Johnson

Kitson – Jade Cook

Nearne – Olivia Mae Franke

Pengelly – Carla Lawrence

Year 8

Christie – Isabelle Moxham

Darwin – Erin Wiseall

Fawcett – Theo Hardman

Harrison – Poppy Hedworth

Kitson – Laila Heavens

Nearne – Amelie McCaul

Pengelly – Bella Giffard

Year 9

Christie – Oliver Huxtable

Darwin – Jude Snell

Fawcett – Finley Herbert

Harrison – Lucy Smyth

Kitson – Kaitlin Wright

Nearne – Lily Lewis-Shermer

Pengelly – Olliw Sills


Homework Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel – Ben Jolly

Christie – Maille Beavis

Darwin – Hope Bratcher

Fawcett – Amelia Wisniewska

Harrison – Kelsey Drew

Kitson – Eliza Brookes

Nearne – Dylan Parker

Pengelly – Lucy McMahon

Year 8

Christie – Norbert Tomsia

Darwin – James Billingham

Fawcett – Simon Drost

Kitson – Jessica Mitchell

Nearne – Dolce Zulhayir

Pengelly – Filip Frankiewicz

Year 9

Christie – Jake Green

Darwin – Leah Scott

Fawcett – Callum Yeates

Harrison – Lexy McLaurin

Kitson – Bella Lester

Nearne – Maddy Fairhurst

Pengelly – Taylor Reynolds


Sparx Leaderboards

7TotalXP33 8TotalXP33 9TotalXP33 10TotalXP33 11TotalXP33

Accelerated Reader Leaderboards

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Power Up!

6-10 June