Listen out for us on Heart FM, lots of reading and more…

Listen out for us on Heart

If you listen to Heart FM in the mornings you maybe familiar with Granny Lil and Granny Sylvia.  We were delighted to welcome them to TA as they found out what it was like to return to school 60 years after Granny Lil left.  They visited a range of classes and thoroughly enjoyed their time at our wonderful school.  They kept telling me how proud I should be of all of our staff and students; I told them I am.

You will be able to hear their experiences at TA next week on the Matt and Caroline Show between 8 and 9am every morning next week.  You will hear some of our brilliant staff and students, but I am already regretting agreeing to be recorded welcoming them to school at the start of each recording…

Amber Kennard explained to Producer Boy Josh and the Grannies how the biometric readers are used in the restaurant.


New Staff

At the beginning of term we welcomed the new staff below to the Academy:

16.9.16 New Staff Sept 2016

16.9.16 new-staff-sept-2016


Auschwitz Project

Auchwitz Project

Abbie Sykes and Beth Essam-Wood have both successfully completed the Lessons from Auschwitz project and become ambassadors for the charity. This is such a great achievement and all of the Humanities staff are very proud of the girls who attended a number of seminars as well as going on a trip to Auschwitz. Their proposals for how they are going to share their experience and the personal reflections they wrote after the course were commented upon positively by the assessors. I cannot wait to work with them both in helping further educate our students about the Holocaust.


“Over the summer we were both thrilled to receive our Holocaust Ambassador Certificates which means we have qualified as Holocaust Ambassadors. We first wrote about our participation in the Lessons from Auschwitz project in a March blog after we returned from our visit to the infamous camp. Since then we have completed our ‘Next Steps’ which involved each of us writing a personal response about the visit and the course seminars before and after the visit, which were incredibly thought provoking. After the final seminar we worked together to plan and produce the blog write up but we have plans to do more around the school by getting younger years involved and sharing our experience with them. We would like to thank Miss Cape for putting up with endless questions and tears throughout the day and since as she has played a massive part in helping us generate ideas and bring everything together.”

Bethany Essam-Wood and Abbie Sykes. Year 13.


 Six In Six Challenge

16.9.16 Reading over the Summer

Over the Summer a group of Year 7 students took part in our ‘Six In Six’ challenge whereby they had to read six books in six weeks. As well as reading six books the students had to write six reviews and bring them back in their first full week in September. Reading is a key feature of daily life at Torquay Academy and these students have started the year in the strongest way possible.


100% Attendance

Students who have achieved 100% attendance in the last academic year were awarded with a badge during their assemblies.    See pictures below:

Year 10 (now 11)

16.9.16 Y11 100% Attendance


 Year 9 (now 10)

 16-9-16 Year 10 (was 9) 100% attendance

Year 8 (now 9)

 16.9.16 Year 8 (now 9)

Year 7 (now 8)

16.9.16 100% attendance Year 7 (now 8)


Form Time Reading


This year all KS3 students will be reading classic novels twice a week during form time. The novels are read out loud by both the pupils and the teacher to the rest of class. Each year group will be reading the same text together so that it becomes a topic of conversation among the year group.

The Year 7s have started with ‘The Time Machine’ by HG Wells and the Year 8s with ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Earth’ by Jules Verne. These two classic sci-fi novels will be followed later in the year by challenging texts such as Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, A Room With A View and The Woman In White.


 Rise & Read

16.9.6 Rise & Read

Our early morning ‘Rise & Read’ sessions are now up and running for the third year in a row. Year 7 students come into school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7.45am and read a novel together in a group for thirty minutes. Once again we have three different groups and it is really excellent to see children coming in to school so early to read with their friends and take advantage of our early breakfast club. Pictured is a group being led by sixth formers Beth and George who are currently reading ‘The Graveyard Book’ by Neil Gaiman.

It is still not too late to sign up for Rise & Read and any interested students should speak to Mr Withers.


New Car Company Design Competition

During Cycle 3 earlier this year, Year 9 business students, who are now Year 10, took part in a national business competition. Their brief was to create a new car company. They had to create and design things such as the company name, logo, product features, unique selling point, marketing material and finances to name but a few aspects! Essentially, the process that any new business goes through when starting up. On Wednesday of this week, the results were finally in. Unfortunately, none of our 4 teams won, but what they did achieve is quite outstanding! Our students managed to secure overall 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th place in this national competition! To put this achievement into context, the winning team was an all girls private school based in Maidenhead. The quality of their work was praised by the judges with comments such as ‘the panel loved the idea of giving back to charity as part of the promotional campaign’ and ‘the panel thought the presentation was excellent with lots of relevant information’. A truly amazing achievement by our students who have shown the drive, determination and ability to compete with the very best across the country.


Health & Early Years

16.9.16 H&SC2

It has been a great start to the year in the Health and Early Years Learning Area. Students in all years from nine to thirteen shown a real commitment to learning with a real focus on developing a growth mindset with a determination to reach their potential. Thank you to all of you and keep up the great work!!


Torquay Leander Swimming Club

16-9-16- A Bindon

Year 8 student Archie Bindon won the club championships on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September.  He won the 1st – 50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke & 200m Breaststroke.  Well done, Archie!


Students of the Week


16.9.16 SOTW

Students of the week this week pictured with myself and Mr Chadwiick : Lily O’Sullivan, Georgia Davies, Jade Hills, Ali Wood and Ben Arscott




PE Clubs


This week has seen the start of the PE extra curricular clubs and early indications are that it will be a bumper year for Team TA, we have seen record numbers at all established clubs, including boys and girls rugby and football, basketball, gymnastics and badminton and the numbers for our new clubs of table tennis and boxing have also been very encouraging. New for this year is the introduction of a breakfast club where students can try their hand at table tennis, basketball and badminton, all the students have to do is turn up at the sports hall between 7:15 – 7:40 and the sessions closes at 8:00am. We welcome and encourage all students to attend clubs and to clear up any confusion,  there is no charge for any of our clubs. For those of you that want to keep up to date with all things sport at the Academy please follow us on twitter @TeamTA_Sport