Trips, tours, festivals and sports days…

Mad Cool Festival


Ahead of delivering their own SummerFest our sixth form Music students spent three days in the blistering Sun of Madrid at Mad Cool Festival 2022.

With an incredible line up including Jamie Cullum and Muse, the festival touched on all corners of the musical landscape from Jazz to Disco and Rock.

Over the course of their trip our students experienced some of the sights and landscapes of the cities Centro and Retiro districts, a life changing experience that we are privileged to have been able to put on. A shout out to all of our music students who have represented Torquay Academy so well. They have been a privilege to take abroad. Here’s to the rest of the Summer.

IMG-4030 IMG_8387


Year 8 Football Tour


Our year 8 football team had an amazing two days away on tour to Wolves FC . This was a fantastic opportunity for the boys to celebrate a brilliant season while making more great memories. The tour consisted of two training sessions at the Wolves’ training pitches, a behind-the-scenes tour of Molineux stadium and a presentation from the academy staff on their values and philosophy at the club. An overnight stay at Lilleshall national sports complex with a bit of sightseeing before coming back home. This was a fabulous experience for all the players and something they will remember for a long time.

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CCF Windermere Camp



What an epic week. Full of activities for Torquay Academy Cadets.

An early start Sunday morning for all traveling to the Cadet Summer Camp located in Windermere.

Leaving school at 8 am, the cadets arrived at the RAF Training Centre, Windermere in time for a hearty roast dinner laid on by an amazing catering team.

The week ahead would provide 4 main activities; Mountain Walking, Water Sports, Rock Climbing and Mountain Biking. In addition to this the evenings were filled with potted sports which brought out the competitive streak in everyone.

It was very clear from day one the cadets were up for the week activities challenge. An evening and morning routine was quickly established with lights out at 10pm and a wake up at 0700hrs. With breakfast finished, cadets final kit check and then loaded onto minibuses to take on the day’s activity.

Mountain Biking
‘The cadets put in maximum effort and determination to complete the mountain biking activity last week. Over the week Mr Butler and Mr Adams took three groups of cadets to Whinlatter Forest Park to undertake the challenging blue route single track mountain bike trail and on one day to the western edge of Lake Windermere near to Wray Castle.

On Monday the group was less experienced and confident on mountain bikes. So after spending most of the morning acclimatising themselves to their bikes and gaining confidence at the park and on the pump trail they set off in the minibus to Wray Castle on the western shore of Lake Windermere. Here the cadets encountered wide tracks but still challenging biking as there was some loose gravel surface making it more difficult in the dry conditions. The group did amazingly well, particularly Abbie Dodd who hadn’t been on a bike for a very long time yet gained more and more confidence as the day went on. Another notable success on this day was Maddie Hele, who gained so much confidence that she ended up leading Mr Butler at times!

Tuesday brought a much more confident group to the challenge and Mr Butler had no hesitation in making the decision to ride at Whinlatter Forest Park. The group did an acclimatisation ride of the route in order to get them used to the trail. This blue trail was a new challenge to the cadets, and whilst in some ways similar to the blue trail at Haldon, here they faced more technical features and due to the topography of the area (being so much steeper!) the route was far more physically taxing! Despite this the cadets embraced the challenge and rode extremely well. Notable successes were Harvey Bates, Dimitar Dinev, Gareth Mufford and James Lovell who tackled the technical features of the route expertly well. All cadets completed the trail at least once whilst many of this group went round a second time with Cadet Bates leading the group on the second run.

Wednesday and Thursday the groups were more mixed in terms of experience and confidence. Robin Pightling from the Wednesday group led the group competently on the second run on this day. The Thursday group had drawn the short straw in that they were mountain biking as their last activity of the week – so were super tired! Despite this all the group made it round the trail successfully. Josh Furze still made it round despite suffering a fall and cut elbow on a particularly tricky switchback!

All in all an excellent effort by all the cadets and both Mr Butler and Mr Adams were very impressed by the efforts put in by each cadet.’

Rock Climbing
Over the four days at the crag students were able to enjoy a wide variety of climbing and abseiling based shenanigans!

In addition to learning that we shouldn’t eat the chocolate raisins that were just laying around on the floor, some got to practice placing trad’ gear and testing if that gear would hold a fall, some got to ‘second’ a route removing the gear as they went, some got to abseil down the 12m cliff face first, some got to get themselves completely upside down 10m up, one person even climbed using no hands! Oh and there was a lot of belaying!

Water Sports
The watersports included kayaking and Ghyll walking and was a highlight of the week for most.

Through the Gorge walking everyone came together to work as a team and help everyone get through the challenging parts, encouraging each other to step outside of their comfort zones.

The kayaking only further showed the incredible team work that the Cadets have that not only impressed the staff, but the instructors as well.

Mountain Walking
It is never easy trying to convince cadets that walking up a mountain will bring a huge smile to their faces once they reach the top. The challenge to the summit The Old Man Of Coniston was no easy trip for the cadets. Luckily the route had several stops that included lots of historical facts about the local mining area. Everyone took great interest in how slate and copper mines were worked on from 1690 onwards.

What made for a great day was the way the cadets enjoyed the geography lessons on how the mountains were formed and featured all around them. It was a real pleasure to be part of an amazing team who embraced the day. Getting to the top was an easy win for them. A 12 km loop taking on some amazing views, ending up dipping toes in a lake to cool the feet!

Well done to everyone who took on the mountain, more importantly, believing in themselves in completing the walk.

The week away in Windermere could not be achieved without the continued dedication and support of the staff who made the week such an incredible adventure for the cadets.



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Summer Fest


After a two year absence SummerFest is back, and what an event it was. An afternoon of music and festivities for the whole school community, showcasing some of the incredible talent we have at TA and raising money for the house charities.

On a warm summer afternoon large crowds enjoyed mainstage performances spanning all year groups from seven to twelve, while DJs from our student body got the Platform jumping as we danced the afternoon away.

A huge well done to all performers, our Sixth formers who planned the event and year 10 music students who stepped in at the last minute to ensure that the festival ran smoothly. There could have been no better way to end the year. Here’s to SummerFest 2023.

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Sports Day


On Monday and Tuesday, we held our annual sports days for Years 7-10.

On day one, all students competed in their field events (shot put, high jump, long jump, javelin) and their track heat races (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m) with the fastest times qualifying for finals on day two.

On the second day, the whole school spectated on the field as the fastest 8 competitors in each year group competed in the finals. There were some cracking races and outstanding performances. It was a hot couple of days, and the students all participated brilliantly!


100m boys Year 7
1st – Ben Jolly, 2nd – Ben Houghton, 3rd – Toby Waring


100m girls Year 7
1st – Francesca Skelly, 2nd – Daisy Hellier, 3rd – Kelis Poolton


100m boys Year 8
1st – Charlie Green, 2nd – Tom Thorner, 3rd – Kye Giffard

PHOTO-2022-07-12-11-59-25 (1)

100m girls Year 8
1st – Keeley Little, 2nd – Isabelle Moxham, 3rd – Eve Cameron

PHOTO-2022-07-12-11-59-26 (1)

100m boys Year 9
1st – Amari Hadley, 2nd – Fin Herbert, 3rd – Jude Snell


100m girls Year 9
1st – Evie Reece, 2nd – Tammy Westacott, 3rd – Elise Pile


100m boys Year 10
1st – Charlie Stevens, 2nd – Will Hemus, 3rd – Aaron Goddard


100m girls Year 10
1st – Grace Povey, 2nd – Ava Sams, 3rd – Jazz Povey

PHOTO-2022-07-12-12-19-45 (1)

200m boys Year 7
1st – Ben Jolly, 2nd – Mikolaj Piasecki, 3rd – Toby Waring


200m girls Year 7
1st – Francesca Skelly, 2nd – Daisy Hellier, 3rd – Kiki Marker


200m boys Year 8
1st – Charlie Green, 2nd – Tom Thorner, 3rd – Gregg Hindom

PHOTO-2022-07-12-12-19-46 (1)

200m girls Year 8
1st – Keeley Little, 2nd – Isabelle Moxham, 3rd – Lydia Bevan

PHOTO-2022-07-12-12-19-47 (1)

200m boys Year 9
1st – Amari Hadley, 2nd – Fin Herbert, 3rd – Sam Hext


200m girls Year 9
1st – Tammy Westacott, 2nd – Evie Reece, 3rd – Elise Pile


200m boys Year 10
1st – Harry Clarke, 2nd – Charlie Stevens, 3rd – Will Hemus


200m girls Year 10
1st – Grace Povey, 2nd – Jazz Povey, 3rd – Ava Sams


Year 7 Activities Week


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Year 8 Activities Week


IMG_9108 IMG_9109 IMG_9111 IMG_9115 IMG_9105 IMG_9106 IMG_9107




Year 9 Activities Week

IMG_7376 IMG_7374 IMG_7382


image_50737409 image_67216897 image_67513601 image_67208449 image_67231489 image_67211009

Year 10 Activities Week


IMG-4995  IMG-4998


In School Activities

Lego and Puzzles

Photo Lego Activities' Week

This week, lots of our students from Y7-9 have been participating in an activity carousel around the school. As part of their carousel, the students have enjoyed playing board games and outdoor games, as well as building lego and puzzles.

Photo Board Games Activities' Week


TA Bake Off


Wow the Bake Off was an outstanding success we are so proud of our students in years seven to nine. All students week astounded us all with their dedication commitment and skills in every session. . To begin the first challenge was to create a cheese and onion pasty from scratch, making the pastry, chopping the vegetables, cooking the filling and finally the crimping to showcase their creation. All students showed dedication, time, effort and resilience . The next session involved desiging their own cakes or cupcakes and then making and baking the sponges to impress the judges. The final part of the competition involved decorating and creating the toppings and oh my goodness were we impressed. Take a look at the photos .The winner from Year seven was Felicty Adams, the winner from year nine was Caleb Tyler and from Year eight

 IMG_0514 IMG_0507 IMG_0510 IMG_0513 IMG_0512IMG_0576IMG_0556IMG_0542IMG_0553IMG_0536IMG_0544IMG_0557IMG_3867IMG_3871IMG_3874

Year 12 – Next Steps South West


Year 12 students working hard on their personal statements with the support of Next Steps South West.

Final House News of the Academic Year


Our regular readers may well recall how back in January we started a Year 8 oracy project. The aim of the project was to encourage students to learn a poem by heart in order to improve their skills in pronunciation and presentation whilst increasing confidence and camaraderie. The poems that we chose were linked to the values of our eight different houses.  For several months our Year 8 tutors and students have worked incredibly hard to -not only memorise their poems -but present them in an innovative manner. I am delighted to be able to share the winning entry with you today.  Representing Nearne House (Be Loyal) are: Harry Smith, Diego Zulhayir, Colby Britton and Sam Alcock with the poem Defining Loyalty by Amanda Lynne.

Loyalty is the big thing
that aches the most.
Loyalty is telling someone
when they are wrong,
but then supporting their decision anyway.
Loyalty is believing in someone
even when no one else does.
Loyalty is taking someone’s hand
just before they leap off the cliff.
Loyalty stays the same,
whether someone wins, loses or draws.
Loyalty is opening the door for someone
and letting them inside—
time and time again, even when it hurts.
Loyalty is the courage
to stay by someone’s side,
even when everyone else has run.
Loyalty is losing everything,
except for that which you hold most dear.
Loyalty is believing,
it’s faith in another human
and there is nothing more risky
and there is nothing more worthwhile.

Miss Wooldridge’s Year 7 & 8 Maths

Students in Miss Wooldridge’s classes have continued to work hard in the last Super Teaching Week and final lessons of the term, revisiting some key, cornerstone concepts in maths.

The Year 7s have used the algebra tiles to help them simplify some challenging algebraic expressions. Using manipulatives in maths benefits and engages all students in ‘hands-on’ learning to deepen their understanding and represent ideas which are difficult to visualise.

Students often use the mini-whiteboards to record their work as this is a great way to identify how well individuals and the class have understood the learning at certain points in the lesson. Year 7 really enjoy this method of working and report feeling confident sharing their ideas in this way.

All maths lessons start with a ‘Do Now’ task, which revisits previous learning and includes questions carefully designed for each class to consolidate and also extend their understanding. The Year 8 students have demonstrated excellent recording of their working and have developed fantastic reasoning skills to support and prove the maths involved. Presentation of work is also of a very high standard in 8T8 as shown below in Eve Cameron’s workbook.


Maths with Mrs Dipode


In Mrs Dipode’s last Year 7 maths lessons of the year her class completed several sports day maths activities. Working in teams, students worked to solve sports day themed problems and Mrs Dipode was particularly impressed with the team work that the groups showed as they solved the problems. One of the problems involved forming the medal table given some limited information. Students used various strategies, including writing the countries out on paper and reordering them as they got more information.


In Mrs Dipode’s last year 10 maths lesson of the year 10T8 and 10T9 looked at how mathematics is used in different jobs. They delved into the world of a climate scientist and began to look at how the distribution of temperatures has changed over the last 70 years. Listening to a climate scientist and software engineer really inspired students to see how they could apply what they are learning now in the real world. In particular how a software engineer used their knowledge of equations and graphs to make a robot’s eyes move and how the mean and standard deviation changes the shape of a normal distribution. After working hard all year these year 10 students enjoyed thinking about their future subject choices and careers.






team ta

Hannah Runs Again


Hannah in Year 10 ran the very hot Decoy Lake 5K on Friday evening. It was still very warm at the 7pm start line but she powered through to finish 1st female. A well organised run as part of Newton Abbot carnival events.


TA Netball


After a successful season for TA Netball Academy, we are proud to announce that Tammy Westacott in Year 9 has been selected into the U17’s Team Bath ADC. This is an incredible achievement at just 14 years of age, but well deserved due to how hard she has worked.

TA Netball Academy are extremely proud of her and look forward to watching her develop.