High School Musical, CCF takes shape & Year 5 Days

TA’s Best Production Yet!




On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening this week Torquay Academy played host to a packed audience for the Performing Arts Academy’s production of High School Musical. The performance has been hailed as “TA’s best ever”, with audience members left exulting the first class standard of the acting, singing and dancing. Combined with professional sound and lighting provided by production company New Beginning, High School Musical was quite simply on another level. Many congratulations to the cast who have shown the highest levels of dedication and professionalism since rehearsals began last October. Our PAA students now look forward to a well deserved trip to London next Thursday where they will take part in a Disney Workshop and be treated to a West End performance of Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre. A huge well done to all involved.

You can see a couple of videos below.

 The Torquay Academy CCF is starting to take shape

14.6.19 CCF 314.6.19 CCF

On Friday 13th September will be the official launch day for the RAF cadets at Torquay Academy. It is looking like this will be an exciting day for the Academy and the students in year 9 (current year 8). In preparation for that we have asked a group of year 11 and 12 students to start parading in order to get things ready for the new recruits. They had their first parade with 2 visiting Squadron Leaders this week. No pressure on their drill. Sqdn Ldr Les Tanner and Sqdn Ldr Caz Keeton came down to see how preparations are going for September. All the cadets had their berets presented. Then Cadet Parker, Cadet McCaffrey, Cadet Partridge and Cadet Major were all presented their corporal slides acknowledging the rank that they had earnt in other cadet units. It is expected that these 8 students will make quick progress to the higher ranks and lead the cadets when they join up in September. More details will be published nearer the time.



14.6.19 Maths 114.6.19 Maths 2

Students in Years 7 and 8 use manipulative objects to improve their understanding of mathematics. As you can see below Year 8 students are using multi-link cubes to demonstrate different views of 3-D shapes. Students were examining the plan view as well as front and side elevations, which is extremely important for any budding architects in the year group. Year 7 students were looking at exploring the relationship between rod lengths and the fractions that they could represent. As a result of using these manipulative tools we believe our students have made more progress in mathematics than ever before.



Sparx Level 1

14.6.19 Sparx Level 1

Well done to the students who have achieved their Level 1 Sparx Maths : William Hemus, Amy Wilson, AJ Sims, Elsie Taylor, Lewis Dewar, Gabriel Prior, Carter Pease, Charlie Fox, Erin Allen, Phoebe Staples, Ben German, Jack Darke, Tim Corbett, Emily Tucker, Reef Beer, Sam Kelly, Oliver Sutton, Bradlee Tarrant, Jess Dennis, Keryn Giffard, Taylor-Ann Floyd, Zak Berryman, Steven Jeffs, Redd Benson, Archie Cox, Coral Rogers, Maverick Milton, Oliver Phillips, Shannon Adamson, Bejamin Gosnell, Lily Hammacott, Charlie Pope, Amy Hoskin, Max Beer, Jacob Pieterse, Callum Oldham, Samuel Sherwood, Joshua Nagy, Robin Pightling, Danny Frankum, Timika Kenneford, William Green, Toby Morris, Robbie Wright, Olivia Painter


Year 5 Days

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We have been delighted to welcome so many students from local primary schools this week to give them a taste of life in a secondary school.  I was very pleased to hear how much they enjoyed their experience of being in a larger school with a variety of different lessons during the day.  And a big thank you to the amazing twitter feeds from Ilsham, Warberry and Shiphay for the pictures!


Team TA Sports Roundup

Mountain Biking

 14.6.19 Mountain Biking

Our students had the opportunity this week to take our mountain bikes up to Haldon Forest.  Thankfully they managed to dodge the rain showers and they had a wonderful afternoon there.


South West Championships

14.6.19 Athletics 214.6.19 Athletics 1

14.6.19 Athletics 3

On Saturday three of our most talented athletes competed for the South Devon team at Exeter Arena, in a bid to be selected for The South West Championships. All three Year 9 athletes put in an outstanding performance, With Olivia Foster and Ellis Knowles gaining personal bests within their event. Competition was certainly tough, with only the best athletes from other areas participating, yet they all took part with their usual TA spirit and dedication. Well done!

Emma Harrison – Gold medal – 800m
Ellis Knowles – Bronze medal – High jump
Olivia Foster – 4th place – 200m.


Gym Club Awards

14.6.19 Elizabeth Cameron - Gymnastics Comp Medals

Well done to Elizabeth Cameron Yr 8 who has won awards for the following events at her Gym Club.

Highest Vault score
Highest A-Bars Score
Senior female tumbler
Senior female gymnast



Students of the Week

14.06.2019 SOTW

Students of the week this week are :  Cheyenne Churchward, Lottie Prowse, Ben Gosnell.  Max Gamble

Principal Certificates

14.06.2019 - BRONZE

Bronze : (not in order) Zac Rowland Steele, Letia Moseley,   Toby Clark, Kayla Williams, Thomas Brown, Jack Barrett, Calla Rae,  Alvin Ho, Megan Tiernan


14.06.2019 - SILVER YEAR 7&814.06.2019 - SILVER ALL OTHER YEAR GROUPS

Silver (not in order) Maverick Milton, Lennie Toomey, Craig Mintern, Ella Ryan, Hailie Windsor, William Green, Amy Wilson, Honey Stevens, Holly Smith, Alan Kumiega, Abi Jones, Holly Long, Adam Nelson, Liam Poole, Marissa Murray, Marcus Griffiths, Thomas Johnson, Mia Robinson, Lauren Bowden, Louie Mugliston, Matthew Winyard, Harrison Lee, Lucy Sullivan, Jake Winstone, Jensen Bond, Olivia Bridgman, Kacey Kenyon, Lewis Crocker, Mia Lewis 



14.06.2019 - GOLD

Gold (not in order) Jess Bamsey, Heidi Wright, Lily-Anne Winterton, Felicity Chapman, Nikita Howells, Ollie Hill, Francis Breslan, Harvey Bates, David Waddington, Mya Green, Mason McCarthy-Payne, Charlie Nunn, Bradley Thomas, Jacob Mason, Archie Hodgson-Hunt, Mea White

Governor Certificates


Bronze : (not in order) Grace Povey, Timika Kenneford, Shania Blades, Jamie Nunn, Matilda Bindon, Matt Budavolgyi, Ava Mitchell, William Howard, Amelia Batten, Ellie Holloway, Finlay McClements, Kelsey Hawkings, Lila-May Harrington, Grace Cayford, Conner Lawrence, Juliette Loud, Tyke Bond, Owen Morgan


14.06.2019 -GOV SILVER

Silver: Joe Lawrence


14.06.2019 -GOV GOLD

Gold: Ava Sams, Evan Kinghorn, Elizabeth Cameron


14.06.2019 - GOV PLAT

Platinum : Phoebe Lown, Jasper Dommett


House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Lily Unsworth

Darwin –

Fawcett – Ed Fogarty

Harrison – Ellie Mae Mitchell

Kitson – Madison Lovegrove

Nearne – Oriana McCaul

Pengelly – Emily Tucker


Year 8

Brunel – Rae Makinson

Christie -William Bevan

Darwin – Daniel Green

Fawcett – Aimee Evans

Harrison – Katie Packer

Kitson – Megan Bird

Nearne – Serena Milton

Pengelly – Cody Mack


Year 9

Brunel –

Christie – Ocean Latto

Darwin – Logan Sicobo

Fawcett – Lauren Bowden

Harrison – Alfie Fenn

Kitson – Thomas Porter

Nearne – Tallulah Robson

Pengelly – Harrison Lee


Building update

 14.6.19 Building update

Due to the weather, the rendering of the building hasn’t progressed.  Inside, however, things are moving ahead quickly.  The landmark reached this week was the floor has now been laid in the theatre.  Next week the 310 seat auditorium starts to be built on site.