Hearing a Pin Drop During the 2-Minute Armistice Silence

Armistice Silence at School

Blog 13.11.15 Last PostBlog 13.11.15 Two mins silence

On Wednesday 11th November, the whole school community gathered together for two minutes silence to honour those who have died in the wars.  In fitting tribute, The Last Post was admirably played by Jack Bell on the French Horn.  I would like to say how proud I was of all the students who walked to, and remained in silence for the duration of the tribute and for Jack’s playing.  You really could have heard a pin drop.


Stars of the Week

Blog 13.11.15 Star of the Week

Stars of the Week pictured this week with myself , Mrs Powell and Mr Jones are: Corey Allen, Naill Cabiong, Brad Mellish, Nick Turner, Katie Green


 Star Readers

Blog  13.11.15 Star Reader

Each fortnight we will be celebrating the Star Readers in Yr 7 & 8 who have made excellent progress in their reading records. Our Star Readers this week are: Alice Reshad,  Nafesah Nowshin, Lizzie Harris, Jamie Watson, Bayley Croucher-Mudge and Dylan Gale, Mmark Routledge, Silberry Peakman, Oli Northcott, Nyah Sylvester, Kyle Storey, Katie Green, Luke Pethard.


Reading Mentor

Blog 13.11.15 Reading Mentor

A group of high ability Yr 10 pupils have become reading mentors for some of our year 7 pupils. Every Friday they meet up with their mentees and discuss the books they are currently reading and then listen to the Year 7s read out loud to them. Both the mentors and mentees really enjoy this experience and have already built friendships with each other. It’s fantastic to see the children working together in this way.


6th Form Football Academy Learn Valuable Lesson the Hard Way

Blog 13.11.15 6th Form Football 2Blog 13.11.15 6th Form Football

On Wednesday the 6th Form Football team travelled to Truro int he National College League knowing that victory would put them top of the league.  TA started brightly and took an early lead through a 20 yard strike from Owen Stockton.  Truro responded well equallising 10 minutes later. TA then took the lead again just before half time when Alex Constantinou latched onto a through ball to finish coolly between the goalkeepers legs. The second half started much the way as the first with TA dominating and extending their lead further again through Owen Stockton.  TA were in total control of the game with 20 minutes to go, however poor defending and decision making saw Truro rally, scoring 3 goals without answer which saw them win 4-3.


 NFCE Assessment Concert

Blog 13.11.15 NCFE Concert

On Monday evening the Music department held the Academy’s first ever NCFE Assessment Concert.

As part of the NCFE Music Performance course that we offer to all Key Stage 4 students, the pupils are required to prepare and deliver a performance either as a soloist or as part of a group. This then counts towards 25% of their overall grade at the end of the course. The pupils were given ten hours of controlled time during which they worked intensely to prepare a performance for a select audience that turned out to be of over one hundred and fifty people.

Instead of following the traditional format of school-based music assessments where students would perform in one of the music classrooms in front of two or three members of staff and a video camera, the Creative Arts department felt that they wanted to challenge our students that little bit further. An idea was quickly developed that would add that extra level of professionalism which, not only the NCFE course, but the actual music industry itself demands, where the performances would be delivered in the format of an official concert which the students could invite friends, family, and staff along to watch.

Initially the idea was to have a very small intimate audience of approximately thirty/forty people, but before we knew it over a hundred and fifty tickets had been given out. The concert included a complete range of performances by pupils in both Year 10 and 11, and the audience that were lucky enough to have the opportunity to witness this event were not only blown away by the extremely high standard of the performances, but the incredible level of professionalism that each pupil displayed throughout the entirety of the concert.

I would like to thank the Music department and say a big well done and congratulations to every single student that took part!


Year 7 Drama Workshop

Blog 13.11.15 Yr 7 Drama 1Blog 13.11.15 Yr 7 Drama 2

Year 7’s have been taking part in drama workshops with Doorstep Theatre company following a performance they saw back in October called ‘Gri’t.  Doorstep Theatre Company are local to the Torbay area and offer drama and theatre clubs and activities for young people.