Electric car, sports day and celebrating success

 Year 7 Celebration Evening

13.7.18 Y7 Celebration Eve1 13.7.18 Y7 Celebration Eve2

On Tuesday evening, we held our annual Year 7 Celebration Evening to recognise the outstanding achievements of the students. Mr Jones and Mrs Nicol handed out a range of subject and tutor awards, as well as effort and attainment awards. The evening was also an opportunity to reflect on many notable achievements of the students outside of the classroom, for various students to talk about their first year at TA, and for some to showcase their singing and dancing talents!

In total, 60 students attended the evening, along with their parents or guardians and it was a fantastic event which was enjoyed by all.



Greenpower Motorsport

13.7.18 Greenpower Motorsport

The schools’ Greenpower Motorsport team is making great progress with their eco-powered racer, reaching the exciting stage of the first test drive! After finishing touches and rigorous quality checks the car was taken down to the astro turf where Ollie Westwood put it through its paces.  He completed a series of laps averaging an impressive 17mph!  The next steps include modifications to the ride height and gearing before modelling of the body.  We aim to compete in our maiden event in September, hoping to complete two 90 minute endurance races at Castle Coombe.  We hope to make this car competitive through the next academic year but will need additional support to do so. We have sponsorship opportunities available for anyone who may wish to help us to realise this goal. If that could be you please contact Mr Foulds at gfoulds@tqacademy.co.uk.



Team TA Sports Roundup

 Record Breaking Sports Day

This Tuesday saw our annual sports day take place and it turned out to be the best we have witnessed for many years, the weather was on our side and the performances from all of those taking part was outstanding, from the winners to those that simply did not know when the to give up when the going got tough. On the day the following students broke and in some cases smashed previous held school records:

George McCaffrey – Year 10 High Jump
Emma Harrison – Year 8 400m and 800m (smashing previous 800m by 45 seconds!)
Krisjanis Rumnieks – Year 10 Javelin
Anna Duffen – Year 10 Girls High Jump
Georgia Davies – Year 9 Girls Shot Put
William Bevan – Year 7 High Jump
Darcie Baker – Year 7 Shot Put
Olivia Foster – Year 8 Girls 100m and 200m
Ryan Wilson – Year 9 100m and 200m
Oliver Lomax – Year 10 200m
Ella Squibb – Year 10 800m
Josh Haydock – Year 10 Shot Put
Sam Gourley – Year 10 Shot Put
Wiktoria Jarosz – Year 9 High Jump
Kelsey Cresser – Year 8 High Jump
Jack Swiderski – Year 10 100m

Well done to those students and all the other athletes that made the day very enjoyable.

The overall winning house on the day was Christie House, see results below:

13.7.18 House Competition



Football Success

13.7.18 Taylor13.7.18 Ellie

Congratulations to Year 8 students Ellie Mitchell and Taylor Ford who have both been offered places at the Plymouth Argyle Girls Academy for next season, both students are testament to the fact that if you work hard enough you will get the rewards, it is no coincidence that both girls are members of our Sports Academy, are pivotal to the Year 8 girls team success and have played at National level for their Sunday League Club. We wish both girls all the very best for the future.


Inter House Athletics

This cycle students in PE have been fighting to win stars for their house in Athletics. You gain a star by completing an event in a certain time, distance or height. The quicker you run, the higher you jump or the longer you throw will make a difference to the colour star you gain for your house.

The results of this years Athletics competition are as follows;
1st Christie with 2040 ponits
2nd Fawcett with 1887
3rd Darwin with 1780 points
4th Nearne with 1738 points
5th Brunel with 1722 points
6th Kitson with 1659 points
7th Pengelly with 1619 points
8th Harrison with 1497 ponits

Well done to all involved.




Black Counterfeit Play to a Crowd

13.7.18 Y10 Band

The Yr 10 band Black Counterfeit played at the South West Rotary Games last Saturday.  They were invited to play a 30 minute set just leading up to the screening of the England game.  Noah was interviewed prior to the set which gave them an opportunity to tell the crowd a little about themselves and the reasoning behind the name of their band. They introduced their song choices and also played some of the music they’ve written themselves as a band.  The crowds were really encouraging and was a great afternoon for music and sport!


Raising Money for Rowcroft

13.7.18 Rowcroft2 13.7.18 Rowcroft1

Hannah Moxhay and Maddie Watt in Year 7 took part in the 10 mile sleepwalk over the weekend raising just over £200 for our local hospice. They have been practicing for weeks and completed the walk in 3 hours 50 mins.  Well done girls!


Waistcoat Wednesday

13.7.18 Waistcoat Weds



13.7.18 lexia finishers 2018

Throughout the last year students have been working on Lexia, to help improve their literacy skills. By working on the many different topics within the five levels of the programme, the students have been able to improve their knowledge and understanding of different vocabulary ranging from basic word structure to the more complex root meanings of words, as well as the origins of our language. These skills will help the student’s levels improve not just in their English lessons but across the curriculum, and can already be seen in improved levels over the last year.

This year has seen lots of new Lexia records being broken by students across years 7, 8 and 9. Lydia Ladd in year 7 broke the record for the number of units completed in a week, the old record stood at 69 but Lydia totally smashed this by completing a record 98 units in just one week, and Yun Xin Liu in year 8 made one of the largest improvements in her levels.

Pictured are all of the students who have completed all five levels of Lexia this year. A truly amazing achievement for all of them.

Pictured are Callum Moore, Megan Swift, Yun Xin Liu, Juliette Loud, Lydia Ladd, Siana Goddard, Harley Sneap, Sam Foley and Isaac Gourlay-Newman. Congratulations to them all.



Harrison Students of the Term

13.7.18 Harrison Student of the Term

Jamie Watson – 10, Tanesha Powell – 10, Millie Hope – 8, Katie Packer – 7, Jake Dakin – 7, Sam Robsinson – 8, Chloe Fisher – 10



Students of the Week

13.07.2018 SOTW

From left: Madelyn Palmer-Kerslake – Yr 7, Rebecca Hall – Yr 10, Adam Pac – Yr 7, Hannah Phillips – Yr 9, Antonia Standen – Yr 8

Principal Certificates


Bronze :(not in order) Riccardo Lordache, Pippa Edwards, Chloe Sillis, Harley Cole, Sophie Wright, Razr Turner, Sam Foley, Alfie Lang, Katie Taylor, Harley Cartwright, Shannon Phillips, Dan Maw, Finley Wood, Dylan Glancy, Molly Carter, Joshua Hearne, Poppy Lawler, Oliver Brazier, Lauren Bowden, Mia Robsinson, Maddie Alder-Howson, Emily Hammond, Maddie Wannell



Silver : (not in order) Dakota Robinson, Tyler-James Nunn, sonny Houlahan, Ella Heasman, Bobby Western, Maysah Ezzeldin, Adam Nelson, Esther Cox, Anthony Brooking, Kimberly Taylor, Oliver Waring, Amelia Batten, Archie Hughes, Marcus griffiths, Libby-Marie Marshall, Caitlin Kirby, Olivia Simpson-Lewis, Frankie Cuss, Tallulah Robson, Archie Hodgson-Hunt, Brooke McCann, Hannah Vizcaino, Thomas Huitema



Gold : (not in order) Niamh Dolan, Poppy Rogers, Holly Roberts, Elisha Perrow, Zoe Manley


Governor Certificates

13.07.2018-GOV BRONZE

Bronze : (not in order) Katie Packer, Finlay McClements, Mia Burton, George Nelson, Jaymie Smith, Alex Green, Emilie Cartwright-Lomax


13.07.2018-GOV SILVER

 Silver : Ena Brett-Wilson


13.07.2018-GOV GOLD

Gold : Milla Schwarz

Supporting Students’ Good Health

Torbay have put together many resources to help support our students’ good health. There is a lot of useful information and signposting available on this link: