Torquay Academy Year 9 Football Team Win Devon Cup Final

Effort Grades Published

Blog 13.5.16 Effort Grades

We published the latest effort tables this week for Quarter 3.  Whenever new tables are put up there is great interest generated as students look to see how their efforts have been rewarded.


Football Round Up

Year 9 are Devon Champions!

Blog 13.5.16 Y9 Football1 Blog 13.5.16 Y9 Football4 Blog 13.5.16 Y9 Football3 Blog 13.5.16 Y9 Football2

Following on from their South Devon victory last week against Torquay Boys’ Grammar School, our Years 9’s added the Devon title this week with a 5 – 1 victory over Exmouth College.  It was a brilliant performance that show just how far the team has progressed over the past three seasons.  A victory of the magnitude is quite rare in the finals – the boys should all be very proud.


Year 11

Blog 13.5.16  Football Team

When the opposition goalkeeper wins man of the match you know that you have dominated the game, but been unable to get the victory.  Our Year 11’s played out of their skins and dominated Brixham College in the South Devon final, but we couldn’t quite find the back of the net. A goalless match led to penalties where their ‘keeper made a couple of remarkable saves to win them the match.  They have been a brilliant team and i look forward to watching many of them join our football academy next year.


Year 11 Drama Exam

13.5.16 Y11 Drama 1Blog 13.5.16 Drama


On Monday evening the Year 11 GCSE Drama students took part in their Unit 3 final performances to an audience and an external examiner. This performance was worth 40% of their entire GCSE Drama grade. The students have been working on these since late February in groups of their choice. The assignment brief given by Edexcel was ‘consequences’ and so the pupils had to decide whether to choose a scripted piece or a devised piece to explore this. The three groups each performed their pieces with such professionalism and enthusiasm making myself, Mrs Jagger-Rowden and Mr Miller extremely proud.
The evening started with ‘Granny and the wolf’ a play by Mark Wheeler which is a comical and twisted version of the classic fairy tale. The girls were brilliant and showed such passion. Then the boys performed sections from John Godbers ‘Bouncers’ where they had the audience in stitches with their hilarious characters. Finally a group of 6 girls performed ‘Girls like that’ which is a very current modern play exploring the pressures teens have today in the wake of advancing technology. The girls performed a breathtaking piece which had the audience silent in anticipation and shock.  All in all a great night showing off just a handful of the talent we have here at Torquay Academy. Congratulations, you were all fantastic!


Outstanding Homework

13.5.16 T Bowden Homework

Tom Bowden in Year 7 has produced some outstanding homework forecasting the weather and explaining why we get so much rain in the UK.  Well done Tom on this great piece of work.


Athletics in Exeter

13.5.16 Exeter Athletics Group


Torquay Academy had a very successful day at Exeter Arena this Tuesday in an event organised by the English Schools Athletics Association (ESAA). They came away with 11 medals, 5 of them Gold!

Some of the many highlights were Henry Taylor-Jones winning the 100m A race. Louis Higgins demonstrated excellent potential for the Year 7’s as he won the 100m B race comfortably against a Year 8 line up. The junior boys won the relay with a great team effort. Courtney Sunderland (Captain) and Krisjanis Rumnieks (Captain) continued with their consistent excellence by winning their track races convincingly.

On Monday, 5 of our squad will travel to Stover to compete for a place in the South Devon squad.

Well done to everyone who competed!

Athletics Results:

Olivia Davis – Hurdles Bronze Darwin

Tom Brown – Hurdles Bronze Darwin

Courtney Sunderland – 100m Gold Kitson

Henry Taylor-Jones – 100m Gold Darwin

Louis Higgins – 100m Gold Kitson

Krisjanis Rumnieks – 300m Gold Christie

Ryan Wilson – 800m Silver Harrison

Georgia Davis – 100m B Race Bronze Darwin

Ethan Bonness-Lewis – High Jump Bronze Darwin

Boys Junior Relay team – Gold:
– Spencer Davis
– Brandon Ford
– Ethan Bonness-Lewis
– Christian Rodriguez -Palacios

Krisjanis Rumnieks – Javelin Bronze Christie


Year 11 Theatre Visit

13.5.16 Cinema 1

The thunder and lightning of Thursday evening in Torquay set the scene for the dark tale about to be shown at Torquay Cinema. Mrs.Tanner and Miss Risk were accompanied by 26 Year 11’s to watch a wonderful production of a play by the great Arthur Miller, A View from the Bridge.The tale shows how Miller’s characters confront the American dream in this dark and passionate tale. Set in Brooklyn, longshoreman Eddie Carbone welcomes his Sicilian cousins to the land of freedom. But when one of them falls for his beautiful niece, they discover that freedom comes at a price. Eddie’s jealous mistrust exposes a deep, unspeakable secret – one that drives him to commit the ultimate betrayal.  This fortunately coincided with the Year 11’s exam preparation as they have been studying the play for their English Literature exam and we felt as though this would really allow them to understand the characters and see them come to life from book to the stage. The students represented the school really well and were a credit to us. They sat for 2 1/2 hours and you could hear a pin drop! It was nice to expose them to this form of entertainment and we hope to attend many more in the future to enrich their cultural experiences.

Students of the Week


13.05.16 Student of the week

Students of the week with Mr Withers : Aeryn Amesbury, Byron Jeffs, Aiden Cossey, Eloise Jackson, Harvey Denning

Star Readers

13.05.16 Star Reader
Star Readers are : Charlie Barnes, Daisy Poole-Crampton, Finlay McLaren,Beau Giles, Callum Crocker
Other Star Readers who were not available for photo due to other commitments are : Thomas Murr, Naimh Howlett, Phoebe Warren, Kody Darke, George Swift, Charlie Runciman, Hannah Wood, Willow Cronje

Student Blog

Cycle 4: What are we learning?

In English we are doing morality and the Middle Ages. So far we have learnt what morality is and what we would do in a moral dilemma.
(Bethan Jackson, Year 7)

In English, we have been learning about moral dilemmas and what we would do in those situations. An example is the Trolley Problem. It is about five people who are on the train tracks. A train comes and is going to hit them. Luckily, you can pull a lever and the train is diverted. However, on the other tracks there is one person. Do you pull the lever?
(Aisa Kana, Year 7)

In maths we have been doing reflection and rotation. In rotation we did rotational symmetry of all different orders. An example of order two would be:
Draw a cross in the centre of the page, then draw a different length line on top. Make sure the centre of the line is on the cross.
(Leilah Poulain, Year 7)