Royal Marines’ Band, best shot and stars of the term

 A journey into the Royal Marines’ Band

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Below you can watch a video that follows our former head boy, Jack Bell, during his week auditions for a place in the Royal Marines’ Band. I am delighted to be able to tell you that Jack has secured a place within this most prestigious unit and is currently undertaking his studies. This video follows him and two of his fellow recruits during this most challenging week where he was put to the test for his musical ability as well as being able to meet the physical demands of being a Royal Marine.

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Your best shot Fun Friday

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Last week we challenged students and staff to share videos of their best shot – you can see them below.  Mr Bindon hasn’t forgiven me yet for the snowball…

You can also find the challenge for next week’s Fun Friday at the end of the video, clue: it is pancake related!


Stars of the Term

Teachers have been nominating Stars of the Term in their subjects for this half term, both in school and at home.  Congratulations to everyone who was presented with an award this morning.


Year 7



Year 8



Year 9



Year 10


Hot chocolate and chocolate Fun Friday!



What better way to end a half term, especially on a cold day, than with lots of hot chocolate and chocolate!

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Enrichment activities at home

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It’s been another busy week at home for our students!  The winners of this week’s £10 vouchers are Kieran Towell, Will Reed and Leon Bell.



12.02.21 Will Reed

Will Reed in 9P has been regularly litter picking each week working towards his bronze Duke of Edinburgh award for the volunteering section. He has been shocked by the amount of discarded face masks which are a sad consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please dispose of them responsibly!! This bag was just one hours worth of litter collection.


Year 7 Pasties!

12.02.21 Pasties1 12.02.21 Pasties4 12.02.21 Pasties3 12.02.21 Pasties2

The Year 7s have been very busy in the kitchen making pasties – they look delicious!  Well done!


Fairy Cakes


Students this week in the essential school have been mixing, baking and decorating fairy cakes to take home to parents and carers. Even Mr Weaver has been having a go!

12.02.21 SW Cakes


Perfect pasties at home…


As part of the online home learning for Design & Technology this week, students were set an optional extension task to bake cheese and onion pasties. It was great to hear from students who were able to get stuck into this task and here are a selection of the photos sent in. Well done in particular to Lana, Alfie and Sophie – superb baking – I hope they tasted as good as they look!





Not quite a snow day!

12.02.21 Snow1 12.02.21 Snow2


Principal’s Bronze Certificates


Year 7 – Ben Charters


12.02.21 Noah Butler

Year 7 – Noah Butler

12.02.21 Laila Heavens

Year 7 – Laila Heavens


Image (1)

Year 7 – Caitlin Large



Year 7 – Madison Findlay-Peers



Year 8 – Lexi Silvester


Principal’s Silver Certificates


Year 7 – Norbert Tomsia


Students of the week


Year 7 – Olivia Riches & David Wanstall



Year 8 – Jessica Taylorson



Year 9 – Joe Lawrence



Year 10 – Madelyn Palmer-Kerslake


Year 11 –



Home Learning Students of the Week

12.02.21 Zac Evans

Year 7 – Zac Evans


12.02.21 Leon Bell

Year 7 – Leon Bell



Year 7 – William Denega



Year 7 – George Scrimgeour



Year 7 – Elizabeth Blackmore



Year 7 – Caitlin Large



Year 8 – Bella Lester


12.02.21 Immi Festorazzi

Year 8 – Immi Festorazzi



Year 8 – Esme Brabon



Year 8 – Abby Green



Year 8 – Oliver Huxtable



Year 9 – Jamie Nunn



Year 9 – James Scrimgeour


We are delighted to celebrate the excellent work that is being undertaken at home.  Thank you for sharing your pictures!


Sparx Leaderboards

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