The show goes on, year 7 enterprise and food

The Show Must (and does) Go On!


It’s fair to say that our Music Department, in particular, is finding the current lockdown and suspension of all live music events extremely challenging. At TA our music students are introduced to performing in front of, often large scale, audiences from very earlier on in their school careers. This helps tremendously in developing their self-confidence and self-discipline. Miss Pappin tells me that it is the final live performance that gives all musicians an ‘end goal’ to motivate and direct their hard work during rehearsals, “It is the final performance that everyone looks forward to, that’s what all the hard work in rehearsals in for”.

In the absence of being able to mix year groups or invite parents in for a concert, the Music Department went all out in an effort to create a special performance opportunity for the end of cycle assessment performances for our Y9, Y10 and Y13 students by rigging up The Platform for them to perform in. One student described the experience as “insane!” and another as, “definitely the highlight of my year so far!”.

I look forward to filling The Platform to the rafters when it is safe to do so sometime in the future, but in the meantime I leave you with the highlights of our wonderful musicians’ performances.



Fish and chip celebration of effort

image0 (1)

Those students in year 7 who finished in the top ‘gold’ zone for their effort this last quarter had fish and chips for lunch to say ‘well done’. We had 42 students join us today, I’m looking forward to an even bigger number at the end of cycle 2!





Food Technology


There has been a very successful series of practical and theory assessments in Food Technology. Over the last two weeks all classes have been involved in some competitive baking.  Year 10 and 11s have been creating innovative Victoria sponges and the Year 7s made tasty breakfast flatbreads. To cap it all, Year 9 have been simply amazing in focusing on their cycle one written assessments. Well done, all!




InvestIN careers programme

We have been delighted to offer a place on the prestigious InvestIN careers programme to four of our sixth formers. Shannon Banks, Clelia Cucco, Dylan Gale and Yuliyana Zhelyazkova will be taking part in an innovative careers experience over a weekend between now and Christmas.

The programmes aim to create the ‘ultimate work experience’ for students, with the intention of giving them the knowledge, experience, advantage and network they need to have a head-start in their dream career.

The programmes contain a blend of interactive simulations, company visits, seminars, networking sessions and career coaching advice, all carefully curated and delivered by experts from those industries who want to help the next generation of talent succeed.

We will feature the students again in the blog after they’ve taken part in the programme.


Year 7 Enterprise


Mr Hadley has been delighted with the progress of his Year 7 students this year.  They have performed very well in their end of quarter assessments.  This week they have been working on a variety of different Christmas gifts.  They had to design them and then produce them.

IMG_5403 IMG_5404 IMG_5408 IMG_5409

Women’s Football Weekend


Last weekend was Women’s Football Weekend and many events here held physically and virtually all over the country.  Year 12, Lolly Foulds, was featured as part of the celebration of women’s football.  In addition to being part of our Girls’ Football Academy, Lolly also plays for Buckland Athletic.



Effort Boards





Year 9 Library


Our year 9 library has been up and running for a few weeks now and it has been brilliant to see them coming in and exchanging books. Our premises team and Mrs Aitken have done a brilliant job creating these spaces within the bubble areas.



Fun Friday


This week’s Fun Friday involved students having to identify staff from the school in their teenage years.  Some were easier to work out than others.  There were lots of laughs, not sure if the students were laughing with or at us…





Rainbows keep appearing over TA!



Students of the Week


Year 7 – Lyra Bowstead



Year 8 – Kevin Viera



Year 9 – Ellie Denby



Year 10 – Dakota Robinson



Year 11 – Felix Houghton



Year 12 & Year 13 – Courtney Rogers and George McCaffrey


House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Mya Hoskin

Darwin – Alfie Jenaway

Fawcett – Madison Findlay-Peers

Harrison – Tom Thorner

Kitson – Daytona Vickers

Nearne – Lia Marie Szewczuk

Pengelly – Charlie Porter

Year 8

Brunel – Jude Medworth

Christie – Elliot Lawton

Darwin – Thomas Harrison

Fawcett – Esme Brabon

Harrison – Ryan Hooper

Kitson – Elliot Mills

Nearne – Tyrone Ross

Pengelly – Alex McDowall

Year 9

Brunel – Reef Beer

Christie – Robbie Wright

Darwin – Robyn Mitchell

Fawcett – Phoebe Lown

Harrison – Nadia Wisnik

Kitson – Evie Heron

Nearne – Ollie Hill

Pengelly – Coral Rogers

Homework Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Callum Jackson

Darwin – Erin Wiseall

Fawcett – Liam Wellington

Harrison – Austin Howell

Kitson – David Lewis

Nearne – Lexi Weller

Pengelly – Liam Woodward

Year 8

Brunel – Lewis Ralph

Christie – Riley Batten

Darwin – Jude Snell

Fawcett – Alex Thomas

Harrison –

Kitson – Daisy Bond

Nearne – Kara Wills

Pengelly – Jake Petit

Year 9

Brunel – Oliver Sutton

Christie –

Darwin – Megan Dorling

Fawcett – Charlotte Long

Harrison – Bobbie Royal

Kitson – Francis Breslan

Nearne – Rowen Poulain

Pengelly – Ella Ryan


SPARX Leader boards





Tassomai Leader boards

Y7 Tassomai LeaderboardsY8 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y9 Tassomai LeaderboardsY10 Tassomai Leaderboards


Y11 Tassomai Leaderboards

TA students continue to push the boundaries of Tassomai completion each and every week. with a record 317,366 questions attempted over the past 7 days. Particular highlights include Keryn Giffard (Y9) and Tallulah Robson (Y11) for achieving the top position for both questions completed and accuracy in their year groups respectively.

Over the next week, new content will be added in all subjects as we enter a new cycle of learning. Tassomai will keep testing previous learning as well as allowing students to get a step ahead of the content that will come up in their lessons… Happy Quizzing!