Flying a drone over TA and a race car in the atrium

A birds-eye view of the school

Over the Christmas holidays, we took delivery of a new drone.  Almost everyone who has seen it has made an airport joke in one form or another, so please feel free…

It was taken on its maiden flight this morning by Mr Hadley’s Year 7 Technology class.  They took some videos and photographs around the school that I will share in future weeks.  They then went back into the classroom to look at how drones are used to support people following natural disasters.



Enterprise Twitter Highlights this week

Highlights from the Enterprise Learning Area this week include the culmination of hard work and effort in our fabulous End of Term Awards trophies, precision working in BTEC Construction, detailed performance modifications to our Automotive Engineering Electric Car (including a holiday drive around the school!), delicious Year 7 savoury scones and the maiden flight of the Torquay Academy drone!

What do teachers do in school during the holidays?

If your name is Mr Foulds then it is test driving one of our two electric cars in the atrium! We have signed up to four races this year including at the prestigeous Goodwood track as well as the circuit used in Top Gear.


What’s the fasted food in the world?


Scone!  Our Year 7s have been developing dough making skills and that all important washing up.  The one lesson I learnt when I was in with them?  Just a splash of milk is all that is required



Team TA Sports Roundup

11.1.19 Millfield

Our under 18s played on Wednesday in the last 16 of the national schools Elite Cup against a very strong Millfield side who are a very established set up and one of the schools that we have looked at in the past to aspire to when setting up our programme four seasons ago.  The game was 2 days after our Christmas break and it showed in the first half that we had lost a lot of our fitness over the break and our usual sharpness on and off the ball. Millfield started strong and showed why they are always in and around the final stages of the competition year on year.  The game was fast paced and a good game to watch for the neutrals. With both teams having opportunities and Millfield edging the first half the score at half time stayed 0-0.

The second half was better from us but Millfield still threatened early on, we looked a lot brighter after some changes and started to get in front with some good chances.  A lapse in concentration on the edge of our box allowed their striker to get clear for a shot which Andy saved but they finished on the rebound to put them 1-0 up.

We then had a real push for the last 20 minutes and threw everything at them but just couldn’t quite get the goal needed to take us into extra time. the final result ended in Millfield winning 1-0 to progress to the last 8 against Hartpury College.  We wish them luck in the next round and I expect that game will be a great one to watch.  Whilst the players were disappointed in the loss,  we had to remind them that we are competing regularly now in the last 32/16 nationally against long-established setups.  With us being in only our 4th season,  we are doing extremely well and that we have come so far so quick that we are now ready to make the next step up to compete with the best teams in the competitions.   The next big one is Thomas Telford school in a couple of weeks in the ESFA last 32, we look forward to our next challenge.


Ellie playing for Argyle


We are very proud of Ellie Mitchell, in Year 10, who continues to excel playing for Plymouth Argyle.  Here she is playing against Swansea over the Christmas holidays.


Creative Arts

Grade 3 Distinction for Luke

11.1.19 Luke howard

Luke Howard (Year 9) took his first graded examination on guitar at the ‘Academy of Music & Sound’ in Exeter. He has made such fantastic progress on his instrument, that he has started by tackling his Grade 3 RSL award, and has leap-frogged grades 1 & 2.

In his half-hour examination, Luke played 3 prepared pieces which he had practised and developed in the months leading up to his Grade 3 exam. Additionally, he had to prepare a number of technical exercises (including chords & scales) and also had to improvise over a piece of music he had never heard before.

Luke said of the exam “I was hoping to get a Merit, so I was overwhelmed with a Distinction”. Luke is a key member of the music department who is studying Music Performance & Music Technology and is also a member of The Music Academy.


Amazing Art

11.1.19 Art 111.1.19 Art 2

11.1.19 Art 311.1.19 Art 4

11.1.19 Art 5

I am always amazed by the quality of artwork from our students.  I wanted to share with you some of the pieces I found our students working on during their Year 11 lesson this week.  I am particularly impressed with the variety of media they use in their work.


Science Department


11.1.19 Chemistry 111.1.19 Chemistry 2

Our Year 9 chemistry classes have been learning about sublimation, the process in which a solid turns into a gas without going through a liquid phase. The students watched a beautiful demonstration of the sublimation of iodine by heating a conical flask and saw how it produced amazing iodine crystals on the cold test tube.


Eggsellent Physics Demonstration

This slow motion video shows year 9 student Sonny Harby demonstrating the principle of inertia. Any object with mass has a natural tendency to stay still if possible – in this case the egg does not follow the tray or cardboard tube but instead stays put, falling into the glass of water.


Students of the Week

11.1.19 SOTW11.1.19 SOTW 6th F

Students of the week this week are: Seb Capron, Zak Treleavan, Sophie Caton, Kelsey Riley, Jemima Staples.  Sixth Form students are: Cole Harford & Macy Harvey


Principal Certificates

11.1.19 Bronze Y711.1.19 Bronze Y8

11.1.19 Bronze Y911.1.19 Bronze Y10

Bronze : (not in order) Georgia Jones, Gabriella Fouche, Oscar Bidmead, James Scrimgeour, Sophie Denison, Grace Povey, Melissa Piper, William Green, Rose Bradley, Leo Murray, Ellie Denby, Owen Woodcock, Jemima Holt, Gabriel Prior, Tyler Bayliss, Aj Sims, Lila-May Harrington, Rae Makinson, Mya Green, Libby-Marie Marshall, Maggie Minty, Bradley Thomas, Amelia Batten, Kelsey Hawkings, Bailey Denyer, Teah Gaisfors, Daniel Green, Ellie Holloway, Toby Leaver, Rebecca Lovegrove, Zoe Manley, Charlie Nunn, Elisha Perrow, Jaymie Smith, Olivia Walker, Connie Watts, Deanna Rowe, Leo Dunkley, Lucia Aguado-Georgian, Brandon Thomson, David Waddington, Clayton Gagg, Azize Isufi, Conner Lawrence, Emily Mahoney-Billis, Brooke McCann, Nathan Wells, Noah Handford, Emanuel Korolyk-Markiewicz, Charlie Moore, Ryan Johns-Kouadio, Tyke Bond, Jack Manley, Ben Harris, Sophie Rick, Jack Shirlow


11.1.19 Silver

Silver : (not in order) Penny Richards, Phoebe Lown, Kai Alexander, Josh Thompson, Ellie-Mae Mitchell, Ava Sams, Shannon Adamson, Shelby Astley-Rubin, Williams Harrison, Benjamin Gosnell, Sophie Caton, Riccardo Iordache, Codie James, William Bevan


11.1.19 Gold

 Gold : Cody Furze


House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Mia Bewers

Darwin – Erin Loader

Fawcett – Georgia Jones

Harrison – Madison Sturrock

Kitson – Joel Copping

Nearne – Hailie Windsor

Pengelly – AJ Sims


Year 8

Brunel – George Woolacott

Christie – Olivia Kenyon

Darwin – Finley Burn

Fawcett – Aimee Evans

Harrison – Indi Johnson

Kitson – Sophie Wright

Nearne – Kai Matthews

Pengelly – Corbyn Gardener


Year 9

Brunel –

Christie – Jake Ellwood

Darwin – Tia Alcock Burness

Fawcett – Keira Connolly

Harrison – Isabella Spurle

Kitson – Nelly Fieldhouse

Nearne – Tyler Urch

Pengelly – Miles Hindom


Words of the Week

Year 7: Courteous
Year 8: Anguish
Year 9: Cajole
Year 10: Philanthropic
Year 11: Damnation


Building update

 11.1.19 Building 1

The theatre is really starting to take shape with half of the building’s steels up.  With the dance studios and classroom up, the task of putting up the mammoth steels should be completed next week.



11.1.19 building 311.1.19 Building 2

The dining room is beginning to look like a completed building.  The floor has been laid and the windows are being put in as I type this.  This is still on track to be open when we return after the February half term.