A very busy start to the year! And Fun Fridays are back!

A day in the life…


Our Year 7s have had an amazing first full week with us.  They have been earning many House points and impressing all of our staff.  This video gives you a little glimpse into one of their days.


Year 7 Fun Friday Open Mic


The year 7s had a wonderful Fun Friday in The Platform for an open mic session!  There were too many who wanted to sing so we can expect another one soon.  After the students had sung, the students encouraged (read in that harrassed and bullied!) Mr Jones into singing as well.


Year 8 Fun Friday Bingo


Mr Chadwick hosted bingo in the  Year 8 hub this week. The first prize was £5 for a full house! No wonder so many students turned up!


Understanding homework


Mr Pugh led sessions with Year 7 and 8 in the Sports Hall on Monday.  They went through examples of what they will be expected to do at home.  Our teachers have spent a huge amount of time writing questions to ensure all of our students are given the best opportunity to embed their learning at home.



Getting to grips with homework in Year 7


Each of the Year 7 tutor groups have been in until 4pm for a period 5 lesson this week going through their homework with their Heads of House.  They all commented to me how impressed they were with their attitude.

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Year 13 Music

Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 18.33.12

The Year 13 Music Performance students have been getting straight back into their rehearsals.  Being able to walk around the school and watch performances like this is what make my job the best in the world!


All change in Drama


We have been delighted to recruit an amazing new Head of Drama this September, Mr Hils.  He brings a huge amount of experience to our brilliant Creative Arts department.  I have had the pleasure of seeing a number of his lessons this week.


Soup and scones!


Great to see Mrs Haines back at Torquay Academy.  She has been in her element this week, helping Year 9 students cook up some delicious smelling leek and potato soup alongside splendid cheese scones!

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This is just a selection of the workbooks that our teachers have produced for our students for this quarter.  Each of these books, written by our staff, contain all of the materials that our students need for lessons.  This leaves more time for learning in the classroom.  We have been working on these for a few years, but we were able to complete them over the past few months.  These will be a game-changer in the classroom.


Year 11 PE

Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 22.12.09

Miss Walklin’s Year 11 girls’ PE lesson learnt a dance routine in just one lesson this week.  It is great to see them enjoying a break from their rigorous academic lessons.

Getting to grips with Maths

Base 10 in 7Q4 (2)


Base 10 in 7Q4 (3)

7Q4 did a superb job of recognising the value of numbers using the Base 10 Dienes. Well Done!


PAA Auditions Next Week


The annual auditions for our Performing Arts Academy will be taking place next week and I am delighted to see so many students from Y7 – Y13 sign up for them! I am so pleased that we are able to continue to offer this fabulous provision for our students in the current times. We have made sure that the year groups will remain separate but will still benefit from the first-class provision in acting, singing, and dancing that we are able to provide. If there are any students that haven’t yet signed up but wish to do so, just let your tutor know or email Miss Pappin. As the year groups must remain separate auditions will be taking place next week in The Platform at the following times;

Tuesday 15th; 3-4pm Year 7, 4-5pm Year 8

Thursday. 17th; 3-4pm Year 9, 4-5pm Year 10

Good luck everyone!


Year 10 Food Technology – Master chef challenge


What an amazing week in Food Technology! We have been busy creating our healthy fruit pancakes in year seven and what fantastic creations they are. The year 10s were given the Masterchef Challenge and quickly rose to the occasion producing a variety of spectacular dishes from vegetable bake to chickpea curry. Well done, all!



Students also learnt how to fan a strawberry and julienne carrots!


First Teams back training


Our boys and girls first teams have been training over the summer and playing some friendly matches.  It has been great to see them out on our grass pitch (which is looking amazing) this week.  Both teams are looking forward to another great season ahead.

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Year 8 Football trials


Our Year 8 boys and girls had their football trials this week for places in the year group football academies.  It was  lovely to see so many taking part.  All students will be able to take part in sport on their designated after school night.



Students of the Week


Year 7 – Eve Cameron

1. 11 Sept 2020 Leyton Beckett

Year 8 – Leyton Beckett


Year 9 – Oriana McCaul and James Scrimgeour


Year 10 – Sophie Wright


Year 11 – From left to right. Student of the week – Jack Thorpe and Thank Cadbury it’s Friday – Connor Cooper Teigan Brooksbank Jess Medhurst Charlie Moore


Y12 Jack Evans – kindness and support of the new international students & Y13 Rebecca Hall – consistently displaying excellent role modelling behaviour and attitude.


House Stars of the Week



Year 7 Harrison – Owen Waller





Year 8 Harrison – Olivia Kirby



Year 9 Harrison – Shannon Adamson