Fun Friday, Concert Video, CCF Lunch and Science

 Christmas concert


The concert that took place in The Platform was just amazing.  You can watch the performance on our YouTube channel or below.


CCF Christmas meal

10.1.19 Cadets meal

On the final day of term the CCF headed up to the Anchorage Hotel to enjoy a celebration Christmas meal. The cadets thoroughly enjoyed their dinner and had their meals served to them by the offices. It marks the end of our first an incredibly successful first term of the CCF.


Brilliant Club

It has been a big week for the Brilliant Club students. The year 10 cohort have all successfully submitted their assignments on “How did technology and globalisation influence the representation of the body in modernist literature?” which they have studied over the last term with Ana Tomcic, PhD tutor from the University of Exeter. The students have written 2,000-word assignments and I have been privileged to read some of them. The quality is astounding and the students have received commendations on their ideas and expression from Ana. The year 10 cohort will have their Brilliant Club graduations at the University of Bath in early February.

In the same week, the year 12 cohort have been preparing for their course on investigative biology with Emma Churchill, focusing on the life cycle of a particular invertebrate. They will have their launch trip at the University of Exeter on 15th January.




10.1.20 chemistry110.1.20 chemistry2

This week 9T9 made Nylon in their Chemistry lesson with Miss Cann. They are learning about the polymerisation reaction between two monomers to produce a long chain molecule called a polymer. The longest single thread of Nylon measured an impressive 95cm by Bailey Denyer and Jack Howlett.


Fun Fridays

10.1.20 ffriday210.1.20 ffriday1

Today we treated the students to a hot chocolate with Marshmallows at lunchtime. Why? Because we wanted to make just a small gesture to recognise their fantastic efforts this week. Keep an eye out for Fun Fridays becoming a frequent feature of the blog!



Year 8 Parents’ Evening

 10.1.20 Y8 parents eve

On Thursday evening we had the parents of our year eights come into school to meet with their children’s teachers to discuss their progress so far this year. This is a very important year for our year eights as they will be soon choosing their GCSE options. The pathways evening, where Dr Hocking will outline how they choose their options, takes place in two weeks.


Team TA Sports Roundup


On Tuesday, both the boys and girls Y8 Futsal Teams were in action in the South Devon competition, and both were very successful, qualifying as winners to progress to the County stage.

Both teams won their group games comfortably with the boys beating Churston (3-0) Dawlish (1-0) and Paignton (4-1) and the girls Churston (1-0), Dawlish (5-0) and Cuthbert (3-1).

In the semi finals and final, the girls became penalty specialists, defeating Painton and ultimately Newton Abbot to win the competition outright.

The boys put Teingmouth to the sword in their semi final with some ruthless finishing but were unlucky in the final as they lost on penalties. Having already qualified for the county finals, we allowed Paington to mix their team due to injuries sustained in the semi final – an act which came back to haunt us as one of those players scored the crucial penalty.

Both teams were fantastic, with many compliments throughout the day regarding the quality of our play. Bring on the next round!




Sparx Maths Certificates

10.1.19 sparx

These students have been nominated for the first Annual Sparx Maths Student Awards. Year 8 have been using Sparx since they joined Torquay Academy and the nominees were all picked due to their outstanding effort or the greatest improvement from Year 7 to Year 8. We are very proud of their achievements.

Greatest Effort:  Phoebe Lown, Jasper Dommett, Grace Povey, Mia Bewers, Lacee Kiff, Klara Cornforth

Most Improved Student: James Scrimegeour, Evan Kinghorn, , Alana Mitchell, Aleasha Dunford, (Not pictured Matt Budavolgyi, Cody Cockram)



Principal Certificates

10.1.19 P Bronze

Bronze:  Emily McCondichie, McKenzie Hassanain, Mollie Macfie Jones, Logan Churchward, Alex Thomas, Fearne Harby, Cameron Bolton-Caulfield, Mia Keenan, Emma Roadnight, Lauren Catt, Ava Sams,


10.1.19 P Silver

 Silver: Sam Cooper



House Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Jayjay Henderson

Darwin – Beatrice Corline

Fawcett – Lexi Silvester,

Harrison – Jarad Silk

Kitson – James Lovell

Nearne – James Ferris

Pengelly – Isabella Lovell

Year 8

Brunel –

Christie – Amy Hoskins

Darwin – Kingsley Tarrant

Fawcett – Owen Woodcock

Harrison – Kye Wren

Kitson – Kaitliyn Jones

Nearne – Olivia Painter

Pengelly – Kiela Weaver-Snarey

Year 9

Brunel –

Christie – Amelia Batten

Darwin – Ellis-Hatch, Tasha

Fawcett – Bailey, Leoni

Harrison – Jacob Mason

Kitson – Umeiko Melodious

Nearne –

Pengelly – Chloe Sillis


Homework Stars of the Week

Year 7

Brunel –

Christie – Mollie Macfie-Jones

Darwin – Samuel Stimpson

Fawcett – Yeates, Callum

Harrison – Woody Ronson

Kitson – AJ Alexander

Nearne – Oliver Reeves

Pengelly –

Year 8

Brunel – Reef Beer

Christie – Max Beer

Darwin – Joseph Oborn

Fawcett – Rose Bradley

Harrison – Kye wren

Kitson – Fin Gailsford

Nearne – Oriana McCaul

Pengelly – Coral Rogers


Year 9

Brunel –

Christie –  Codie James

Darwin –  Aliyah Simpson

Fawcett –  Tyler Silvester

Harrison – Hannah Moxhay

Kitson – Maggie Minty

Nearne –

Pengelly – Harley Sneap