Changing rooms, fundraising and colours

New changing rooms

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Our new Team TA home changing rooms have been completed over the Christmas break.  These state of the art changing facilities will be the envy of any sports team in the country.  Our girls and boys can’t wait to start using them as they prepare for home fixtures.  As always, we try to provide the very best facilities in every area of the school.

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Awarding colours

This week I had the great pleasure of handing out our colours to our performing arts and sports students.  Colours are awarded to students who not only demonstrate exceptional achievement, but also an incredible attitude to their chosen specialism.


Performing Arts colours were awarded in Year 8 to: Aliyah Smith, Phoebe Denbow, Ellie Jayne Scott, Jess Silvester, Jemimah Jones, Sophie Nicholson, Eve Cameron, Emma Matthews, Lyra Bowstead, Ivy Hodgson-Hunt, Gabrielle Buys, Amelie McCaul, Kodi Wilson, Erin Gifford, Isla Aldworth, Leon Mugliston, Cerys Lowe, Leah Hope, Lisa-Marie Szewczuk, Jessica Mitchell, Abigail Mealin, Paige Clements and Lydia Bevan

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Sports colours were awarded in Year 8 to: Samuel Alcock, Finley Allnutt, Albie Baker, Colby Britton, Harrison Hogg, Toby Lee, Seth Margetts, Charlie Porter, Diego Zulhayir, Will Godfrey, Charlie Green, Eve Cameron, Brooke Tully, Ema Kestell, Bella Giffard, Amara Phillips, Millie Sneap, Lydia Bevan, Ben Charters, Austin Howell, Joshua Rogers, Gregg Hindom, Bastian Johns-Kouadio, Oliver Jones, Thomas Thorner, Austin White, Caitlin Cornish and Norbert Tomsia



Raising money


On Thursday we held a mufti to support Emica’s family in their fundraising efforts for the official charity of the Bristol Children’s Hospital, the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal.  We were delighted to be able to contribute £2,000.  The family have now raised over £9,000 which is quite a remarkable and selfless dedication to support others.  You can donate via 




Our Performing Arts Academy has been rehearsing hard for the Oliver production that will be taking place in early April.  It is already looking brilliant and I have been very lucky to see them rehearse this week.






It was lovely to see our commissioned officers looking very smart in their blue uniforms this week.  The CCF is really going from strength to strength and the students are able to take part in so many amazing activities each week.



Food Tech


I always enjoy visiting Mrs Haines’ classroom, even if the students are reluctant to share their culinary delights!  This week I saw some delicious chicken and vegetable pies being made.



Testing on return


As per the government’s guidance, we tested every student before coming back to school in January.  As always, out students and staff were brilliant in running the day and we were able to test everyone in just one day.


House News January 2022

The Student Voice committee are currently organising a Year 7 Spring Fayre to raise funds for our eight house charities. Scheduled to take place in April, the fayre will include sales of; food and drink, books, plants, toiletries and other items. Additionally, there will be games, challenges and activities for attendees to try in exchange for a donation. Members of the committee are currently planning the logistics of the event, designing posters, drumming up support and appealing for items from staff. Once again, each house wants to ensure that their stall is the best and raises the most money for the chosen house charity.
Our inter-house Year 7 event this half-term will be a Countdown style knockout competition. Many of our readers will undoubtedly be familiar with the popular television show in which contestants are asked to solve anagrams, reach a mathematical target with a selection of numbers and create the longest word possible with a series of letters chosen at random.

The competition is due to start at the end of the month and students are busy organising their teams and brushing up on their literacy and numeracy skills in an attempt to steal the house cup from Harrison who are the current holders.


Year 8 Reading Certificates


Well done to Daisy Faulkner 8C and Austin White 8P for achieving their bronze Star Reader certificate. Well done to Lyra Bowstead 8P, Austin White 8P and Anthony Hewitt 8P for achieving their silver Star Reader certificate.


Year 7 Star Reading Certificates


Well done to the following students who have achieved their bronze Star Reader certificate: Rebecca Quarshie 7F and Hayden Halsey 7D. Well done to the following students who have achieved their silver Star Reader certificate: Emilia Hunt 7D and Tegan Ross 7D.


University Offers this week…

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Team TA

Table Tennis

It has been great to see students straight back into their sports clubs this week after the Christmas break.

Table Tennis (1)


Miss Lewis and Miss Felton had over 40 girls in years 7 and 8 playing netball this week, with the drop in temperature not deterring any of them! The commitment and dedication from the girls to attend training each week is inspiring, and their recent results on the court are testament to the hard work they are putting in.


Our Year 7&8 Rugby teams were also out embracing the wet field this week in their training session with Mr Welsh. We have been delighted with the progress the individuals have made this year.


Just before Christmas we launched our new Cricket Academy, in partnership with Riviera Cricket. If you enjoy and currently play Cricket outside of school, please come and speak to Mr Jones or Mr Richardson.


It is great to see so many students taking part in our fun basketball session on Thursday after school.  So many girls and boys of all ages are loving their weekly dose of basketball.


The longer days are making the football training sessions even more pleasurable!  Hard work really does pay off.


Fixture-wise, we have been very busy on the football pitch this week with Mr Hogg and Mr Grinsill on their travels in the National Cup Competition, and you can read the details of their matches below.

Finally, we have held our House Dodgeball competition this Friday, and we will provide more details of the results next week; no doubt it will be a competitive affair!


Year 7 Boys’ Football

On Tuesday year 7s travelled to Bournemouth to play Glenmoor and Winton in the last 64 of the national cup. It was their first time on the road so they were really excited but also nervous about the game. We started the game quite slowly for our standards and within 15 minutes were two down, their standout player up front causing us problems early on. Once we settled and played our style of football we were looking like the better team and created 4 great chances to score 1v1 with their keeper but couldn’t hit the back of the net.

The second half we were all over them and again created more chances but couldn’t put them away. Unfortunately for us, we had travelled without our top goal scorer Thomas Ross who was off with covid.
With 7 minutes left Oscar Mills hit a fantastic strike from 20 yards to keep the pressure on, 3 minutes left and after loads more pressure Mikolaj Piasecki put us level.

As you can imagine all the players were now buzzing and we felt we could go for the win. From their kick off the main threat picked up the ball and dribbled past 4 of us before smashing one into the top corner to get the win with the last kick of the game. A real hard one to take but a huge learning experience for the players.

Although the result devastated the players we did eventually manage to still enjoy the trip and team bonding on the bus on the way home.

Year 10 Football

On Thursday year 10 travelled to Thomas Hardye school in Dorchester to play their last 32 match in the national cup. We started brightly having the better chances to take an early lead. However, it was clear to see from that moment it was going to be one of those days. Thomas Hardye then started to play and took the lead just before half time with a soft goal.

The second half started frantically and Thomas Hardye scored a second against the run of play. TA continued to push and eventually got back into the game when Harry Clarke scored from close range. We chased and chased and with no avail and eventually Thomas Hardye scored a third on the break to seal the victory.

Mr Grinsill and Mr Hogg want to express how proud they are of the team’s efforts so far this season. Well done boys now we go again to win both the Devon and South Devon cups.


Principal’s Silver Certificates

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Year 7 – Briony Pightling, Ben Jeffs, Leela Cartwright, Ella Randall, Millie-Anne Wigstone, Briony Pightling, Grace Gibbings, William Kelly and Ben Jeffs


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Year 8 – Leon Mugliston


Principal’s Bronze Certificates


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Year 7 – Amelia Rose, Ella Hylton, Grace Halsey, Matilda Stevens, Charlie Burton, Rufus Scrase, Oskar Demkowski, William Kelly, Malachi Morris, Summer Holmes, Oliver Cocker, Lora Cadman, Nikkita Hookway, Ellie Farthing, Tullulah Houlahan, Riley Calland, Ethan Piri-Sadigh, Amy Rogers, Freya Coatsworth, Leonardo Marcheggiani, Hayden Halsey, Ethan Anyon, Leon Bell, Albie Baker, Connor Dean, Adam Sadlik, Daisy Hellier, Mikolaj Piasecki, Millie Swift, Chloe Burton, Nikkita Hookway, Fredi Tuci, Aleksandra Treder, Abigail Yau, Cody Cave, Oskar Demkowski, Leah Cartwright,  Jason Mewett, Layla Loizides, Ruby Sellick, Brody O’Neill, Orley Copeland, Phoebe Smith, Isabelle Kelly and Lauren Tanton




Year 8 – Joe Taylor, Ellie-Jayne Scott, Amy Harrison, Laila Heavens, Daytona Vickers, George Scrimgeour, Leon Bell, Albie Baker, Charlie Pettit, James Evers, Scott Knight, Sonny Paton, Leon Bell, Aliyah Smith, George Peart, Daytona Vickers, Liam Trapp, Benjamin Watts, Phoebe Denbow and William Jackson


Students of the Week 14.01.2022

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Year 7 – Hayden Halsey and Amelia Rose


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Year 8 – Seth Margetts and Ivy Hodgson-Hunt



Year 9 – Ollie Clarke and Tia-May Anderson



Year 10 – Sophie Bastow and Josh Jackson-Heritage



Year 11 – Charlie Nunn and Mia Burton



Sixth Form – Emma Harrison and Dominic Locke


Students of the Week 07.01.2022


Year 7 – Kyle Britton and Alfie Connor



Year 8 – Charlie Green and Sophie Nicholson



Year 9 – Taylor Holton and Mia Langstaff



Year 10 – May Connolly and Ben German



Year 11 – Amy Winston and Stephen McMullen


House Stars of the week 14.01.2022

Year 7

Christie – Lucas Chappell

Darwin – Lily Hawkins

Fawcett – Rebecca Quarshie

Harrison – Alfie Connor

Kitson – Florence Mills

Pengelly – Isabelle Voisey

Year 8

Brunel – Gabrielle Buys

Christie – Poppi Marshall

Darwin – Summer Faulkes

Fawcett – Ruby Bovey

Harrison – Chloe Hollis

Kitson – Jacob Crago-Gould

Nearne – Lisa-Marie Szewczuk

Pengelly – Anthony Hewitt

Year 9

Christie – Riley Skinner

Darwin – Megan Sellick

Harrison – Ryan Hooper

Nearne – Karl Burton

Pengelly – Alfie Walker-Fenner


Homework Stars of the week 14.01.2022

Year 7

Christie – Emma Provan

Darwin – Hamish Herring

Fawcett – Connie Kinghorn

Harrison – Mihai Marin

Kitson – Evie-May Howell

Pengelly – Lucas Quaintance

Year 8

Brunel – Caitlin Large

Christie – Kodi Wilson

Darwin – Lucas Berry

Fawcett – Jamie-John Palmer

Harrison – Lucas Spriggs

Kitson – Jayden Trevelyan

Year 9

Christie – Owen Houghton

Harrison – Grace Dicken

Nearne – Amari Hadley

Pengelly – Kasha-Lily Borge


House Stars of the week 07.01.2022

Year 7

Christie – Anisha Kale

Darwin – Leon O’Connor

Fawcett – Brody Cooper

Harrison – Roxy Johnson

Nearne – Rufus Scrase

Pengelly – Leonardo Marcheggiani

Year 8

Brunel – Harry Marsden

Christie – Joshua Rogers

Darwin – Lola Cornock

Fawcett – Billy Wilcox

Harrison – Toby Forrester-Finney

Nearne – Madi Chandler

Pengelly – Evie Hambleton

Year 9

Christie – Isabella Aguado-Georgian

Fawcett – Cameron Bolton-Caulfield

Harrison – Enrika Vasiliauskaite

Nearne – Lacey Nicholson

Pengelly – Shanice Rees


Homework Stars of the week 07.01.2022

Year 7

Christie – Amelia Lawton

Fawcett – Felicity Adams

Harrison – Kelsey Drew

Nearne – Mya Brown

Pengelly – Mia Lawrence

Year 8

Brunel – Ryan Bridgman

Christie – Seth Margetts

Darwin – Ellie Temo

Fawcett – Niamh Coker

Harrison – Owen Waller

Nearne – Samuel Alcock

Year 9

Christie – Mollie Macfie-Jones

Fawcett – Fearne Harby

Harrison – Michalina Jarosz

Nearne – Sam Hext

Pengelly – Taylor Reynolds


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Sparx Leaderboards 07.01.2022










Tassomai Leaderboards 14.01.2022

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Accelerated Reader Leaderboards 07.01.2022

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